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» new shape rocket
May 20, 2022 - 7:15 AM - by menapia dude
well folks, anyone ride the 2 triumph rockets wondering what the new shape is like i have a 2012 roadster
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» Block connectors
May 18, 2022 - 2:19 PM - by Pumbaa the warthog
Lads is there anywhere on this island that supplies block connectors? I want to make a new loom, finding the cable was alright but the only connectors I can find are the old single type,
23 Replies | 198 Views
» Gsx1400 problem
May 17, 2022 - 6:30 PM - by bandit blue
Bike starts fine ticks over grand then suddenly starts spluttering and popping give it a blip grand but when moving off feels like it wants to cut out this continuous at slow speed up through the gears fine then OK until bike not used for a day or 2 then same thing again any ideas what cheers
3 Replies | 127 Views
» NW200 Dunlop Tyres
May 16, 2022 - 8:08 AM - by strontium_dog
What the hell happened the Dunlop tyres up at the NW? That was really dangerous and nearly all the top men didn't race in the superbike race. I'd say they were all really pissed off.

I saw the back tyre on one of the bikes in the flesh. There was big lumps gone out of it. Very bad with the TT coming up.
46 Replies | 739 Views
» oem apprenticeship
May 11, 2022 - 12:34 PM - by joe mc gonagle
anyone involved in manufacturing might be interested,
0 Replies | 117 Views
» Front wheel not true where disc mounts
May 11, 2022 - 10:30 AM - by jeo77974
So iv got this horrible annoying groan coming from my front brake disc beacuse its waving on the front wheel.

I've replaced the disc i thought was warped, but it now seems the disc doesnt mount on the wheel correctly and is waving even with a new disc.

Its a ktm superduke and iv heard numerous bikes have it.

I've seen vidoes of lads filing the hub part down saying there is excess plastic on one part where the disc goes.

not really sure where to go from here but its annoying as hell.

Anyone know a place that could help me get it straight?

4 Replies | 151 Views
» 79 bonny
May 10, 2022 - 10:42 PM - by choppermann
picked this old girl up as a non runner.
After a weekend of spannering an got it running
been polishing it up
not a bad yoke to tool around on

14 Replies | 175 Views
» Scratched screen
May 10, 2022 - 10:19 PM - by rubble
Anyone got any tips for gettin scratches out of a clear screen .?
2 Replies | 110 Views
» NW200 Tuesday practise results
May 10, 2022 - 8:14 PM - by Sleazy Rider
Get them here....
7 Replies | 114 Views
» R.I.P Ghost
May 08, 2022 - 7:44 PM - by Jack stowage
Richie (Ghost) was on here for a few years until he lost his battle last week..
He was a quiet lad, passionate about 2 strokes till the end.
A few of us had the pleasure of meeting him.
Sadly because of his illness his strength deteriorated, but that didnt stop him from buying an MT 07 just a few weeks back....
I'll miss the laughs we had in the short time i knew him..
R.I.P Richie.

For Brenda.
26 Replies | 476 Views
» Insurance and bikes over night location
May 06, 2022 - 8:10 PM - by carrigGSR
I currently have the bike insured at my auld fellas address as itís in a garage which was a requirement of the insurance due to value a few years ago when I bought it and I have always stored my bikes there and I usually only use bike for the few spins and weekends away in the last few years but I have changed jobs and I am hoping to use the bike a lot more again but the insurance are telling me this means I am not insured to keep it at mine or within a km of my address (or something stupid) at any time apparently or any other place that is not part of a spin if that makes sense
I have asked to insure at mine so itís covered to be outside which I have no problem paying the extra for the cover and it may only be out a few nights a year realistically and in the garage the rest of... [Read More]
7 Replies | 333 Views
» 2 stroke reboring/ crank rebuilds
May 05, 2022 - 7:09 AM - by strokeofgenius
As above anyone any recommendations for rebore and or crank rebuild work? Bike is an rg500 with a leaking crank seal on front crank so was going to bite the bullet and get a full rebuild done as its all standard and approaching 20k miles.I'm in Tipp but happy to travel the country for the right crowd.UK is finished for me for now.
10 Replies | 296 Views
» KTM SD 990 Speedo: Erratic readings
May 04, 2022 - 10:26 AM - by strontium_dog

just wondered if anyone has encountered this before. I changed the brake pads on my Superduke and now the digital speedo is swinging by about 10-15 mph when riding at a constant speed..

I have to admit I did put the cable under a bit of tension when I was removing the caliper to change the pads but nothing major (I would have thought). Nothing appeared to be amiss when I had a quick look but I must have done something. Just checking to see if anyone has hit this before. It's an 06 model.

5 Replies | 207 Views
» Aprillia Mana 850
May 02, 2022 - 2:39 PM - by mikeH
Anyone here actually own, or owned, one.
Saw one, looking some pointers before I go looking at it.
7 Replies | 296 Views
» Chill Travel Insurance
Apr 30, 2022 - 8:37 AM - by Retro
Initial quote 79.56 for 3 weeks single trip Europe incl health screening for pillion. 355 euro loading on top for driving motorcycle over 125cc...and they said that with a straight face 😭😭
2 Replies | 165 Views
» Axa
Apr 28, 2022 - 7:37 PM - by bikewise
Quick question, does anyone know how many bikes you can have on the same insurance policy with AXA.
5 Replies | 322 Views
» New helmet
Apr 27, 2022 - 5:25 PM - by Budthewiser
Gents, I am long overdue a new helmet. If I buy from England and have it sent to a mate up north, do I pay tax on it?
2 Replies | 147 Views
» New helmet
Apr 27, 2022 - 3:47 PM - by Budthewiser
Gents, I am long overdue a new helmet. If I buy from England and have it sent to a mate up north, do I pay tax on it?
4 Replies | 197 Views
» New helmet
Apr 27, 2022 - 3:09 PM - by Budthewiser
Gents, I am long overdue a new helmet. If I buy from England and have it sent to a mate up north, do I pay tax on it?
0 Replies | 39 Views
» fuel
Apr 26, 2022 - 10:52 AM - by lynch#46
Hi, i was wondering if anyone here witnessed power failure on bikes recently. i have 3 bikes , 1 trials and 2 road bikes and ive noticed that the pump fuel is very inferior to what we used to get because of the ethanol mix. i recently got a full jerry can in a local filling station , and there is hardly any smell from it , maybe a tint of varnish ? and there is zero vapour from it when its poured ,or when the can is opened there is no gas build up. i poured some on the ground and lit it and it burns similar to diesel. the road bikes are running like shit and are clearly down 10/15 hp each . now we are paying extortionate prices for fuel thats clearly sub standard muck.
where do yee guys get your fuel and is it possible to get 98 octane anywhere.im based in the midlands.
... [Read More]
19 Replies | 463 Views
» Cooktown 100
Apr 21, 2022 - 9:17 PM - by The Dolmen
Cooktown 100 ,hi not to sure do you need tickets to go or can you pay at the gate
7 Replies | 307 Views
» Sending bike to Spain?
Apr 19, 2022 - 8:23 PM - by choppergirl
Anyone know who is best at transporting a bike to Spain?
5 Replies | 241 Views
» K1200R Sport
Apr 18, 2022 - 7:07 PM - by scorpy
Found a very low KM in Italy for sale by a colleague. It's 2007, 16k km in super clean nick, so I snapped it up.

Had it for a very quick spin just to make sure it was all straight and true. They are super stable. Gave it a bit of a tug on the bars and a wiggle of my ass and nothing. Looking forwards to putting some more distance on it.

19 Replies | 306 Views
» honda chop
Apr 17, 2022 - 8:43 PM - by choppermann
So snagged this yoke the other day.
No idea what to do with it but it was really cheap
and I kinda like it.
73 cb750 choppa.
this thing was ridden across the states back in the 70s , so fair play to the previous owner

... [Read More]
9 Replies | 209 Views
» Oil Spillage
Apr 16, 2022 - 11:03 AM - by Yoda1965
Just in case any of you are down in the midlands today, I just came through EMO village in Laois. Oil on the road at the top of the hill. Bike tried its best to get away from me, I was lucky, just heading home now for a fresh pair of jocks.
0 Replies | 62 Views
» Breakdown Help in outside Dungarvan
Apr 14, 2022 - 9:36 AM - by Unfazed
Yesterday when out on a friends BMW GSA I was pulled over by a guard on the Waterford side of Dungarvan near Pitlane Motorcycles. Then moving away after our 'discussion' and for the first time in years I stalled a bike and no way would it restart. Remember this is a 260kg bike and I was on a slight incline about 100 metes from the top of the hill. Couldn't cross the road with the traffic to go back down the hill and it would have been to dangerous. I proceeded to try and push it to the top and maybe I could push start it down the other side, highly unlikely, but it was worth trying. This lad was passing on a bike and pulled to see if he could help. We both tried pushing it, and had to... [Read More]
0 Replies | 194 Views
» SV650 engine
Apr 13, 2022 - 8:38 PM - by Alabama Whitman
Hi guys,

My young lad is looking for a good engine for a 2007 sv650, can anyone point us in the right direction.

Thanks in advance
21 Replies | 301 Views
» Multi sockets
Apr 12, 2022 - 11:46 AM - by pedrosixfour
Anyone got a good (Irish) source for automotive electrical supplies, preferably some place I could visit?

Have an ignition relay on the Raider with a rotten connector block, some of the terminals have turned to dust, which (I suspect) is why the bike won't start for me.

Yamaha, in their infinite fucking wisdom, decided the best place to put this relay (along with an unsealed block connector) was down between the battery box and the rear mudguard. If you were looking for a spot to leave something absolutely caked with water and shite from the road, this particular spot is only slightly (and I mean a gee hair) better than between the mudguard and the... [Read More]
21 Replies | 391 Views
» P and T breakers Cork
Apr 11, 2022 - 8:16 AM - by Jack stowage
..are the moved or gone...??
7 Replies | 214 Views
» Found a tax book
Apr 08, 2022 - 2:55 PM - by grumpy1
Clearing out here and found tax book for my long gone GT185. Its a 1978 so brown book. Anybody want it before I throw it away. I wont be getting another due to ill health.
12 Replies | 353 Views
» Gone mad
Apr 08, 2022 - 9:53 AM - by Pumbaa the warthog
Lads this has me baffled, this kz650 is the same as mine, same year, same colour, same condition ish, how is this worth 7k? I wouldn't dream of asking anyone here for that! 🤔
13 Replies | 438 Views
» V10 Viper Motorcycle
Apr 05, 2022 - 10:05 PM - by R.M
Some man for one man! Some clever engineering on that bike.

3 Replies | 175 Views
» Great Recovery Service
Apr 05, 2022 - 8:00 PM - by sirius
With so many people so quick to complain here's a change.
A big thanks to Dean Reilly of Reilly Recovery 0873869231 for his prompt and professional service today.
The lad collected my ,(recently crashed), bike from where it's been lying in state for a bit and delivered it home not just to my door but, as I'm currently wheelchair bound, pushed it round the back and into the shed.
All for a very competitive price too!
Top man.
6 Replies | 214 Views


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