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» Aftermarket exhaust can suggestions?
Nov 21, 2017 - 12:05 AM - by christyg
Hi all

I posted a couple of weeks back about getting a baffle for my stubby viper can cos the noise was starting to get on my nerves. Anyway, long story short the suppliers on the net didn't seem to have them in stock and in the meantime my can is after getting even louder. I think it might be over the hill, does this happen to silencers eventually, do they get louder as the packing degrades/breaks down?

Anyway I'm in the market for a quieter after market end can. The good folks in Megabikes recommended something from delkevich, where you can leave in or take out the baffle. Anyone have one, or make any other suggestions. It's a 2001 bandit 600 so don't want to spend anymore than about 250 on it. Sound!
8 Replies | 123 Views
» Welsh RR
Nov 20, 2017 - 9:39 PM - by loenrat
Road racing will return to the UK mainland in 2018 with an all new road race set for the 4/5th August 2018 in the Brecon Beacons.

Will this really happen
8 Replies | 235 Views
» Cyclist buys a Bike
Nov 20, 2017 - 5:36 PM - by Jeff7t7
Seriously lads

Has anyone seen the mobile embarrassment on the Adventure bike- Triumph or a Beeeemer or most likely a Honda Crossdresser - with all 27 of his lights on high beam filtering through traffic on the N11, going northbound then into Donnybrook early in the mornings.
The total ledgebag is going along gesticulating to the traffic at large with total wang-like 'get back plebs' and 'stay away' pushing motions with his arm, mostly to people who are nowhere near him or who he's already passed.

Jesus wept its embarrassing to be seen on a bike anywhere near this fella, I'm riding along thinking 'what a wanker' so god knows what the cage drivers think... [Read More]
24 Replies | 831 Views
» Stranded - side stand cut off, monster 620
Nov 20, 2017 - 3:42 PM - by bloke
So the bike is at home and when I put her in gear the cut off... cuts off even though the stand is up.

Dunno how to fix it myself. Can't ride the bike to someone who could. Would insurance breakdown / recovery bring the bike to a mechanic?

Any other ideas?
11 Replies | 360 Views
» Electrolysis
Nov 19, 2017 - 10:55 PM - by killer
never done it before but reading about electrolysis for cleaning the rust from an old petrol tank.
All the info online says to use "Arm & Hammers super washing soda" of course this is an american item that I dont think is available here..

Will any washing soda do the same..?

10 Replies | 399 Views
» First time for everything
Nov 19, 2017 - 9:26 PM - by Anthony Byrne
Lads thanks for the advice earlier, loved doing my own work today. Great sense of achievement
10 Replies | 463 Views
» Honda Hornet 250 stopping when warm
Nov 19, 2017 - 9:25 PM - by Darragh356
Hi lads, newcomer to the forums. Recently bought a 1996 Hornet 250, the bike is starting on all 4 cylinders and running perfectly while cold, it’s just moving off cold on the temp. Gauge and goes down to 2 cylinder for a few seconds and then stops, the bike won’t start or run for 5 to 10 minutes until it cools again and away it goes again till it warms again and the same thing happens. Correct new spark plugs are in place, coils and leads were changed, carbs have been cleaned and are operating correctly as far as I know, tank has been cleaned and fuel tap diaphragm has been checked,the tank cap is also venting correctly so fuel is flowing as fair as I know,there is no obvious wiring issues, no poor connections to my knowledge that I can see, I’m thinking myself it’s an electrical fault?... [Read More]
7 Replies | 271 Views
» Ppp
Nov 19, 2017 - 2:35 PM - by auditray2007
Hi Guys,
First post here.
I am over 40 years biking and have a few points of interest.
I have noticed over the past two or three years that other drivers have become increasingly intolerant to bikers. Yes there was always some resentment toward us but I think that was due to speed but now however I believe it to be people upset that you are getting something over them and they seem to be taking it way tooooo seriously. To a dangerous level which I for one have never seen before.
Last week alone;
Last week I was exiting Tesco which has a bit of a slip way onto the street proper. There was a good 60/70 meters between me and the oncoming car. The silly bitch laid on the horn and nearly rear ended me because I got out in front of her. I have never seen a... [Read More]
64 Replies | 2,080 Views
» Advice needed please
Nov 19, 2017 - 11:36 AM - by Anthony Byrne
novice here so go easy !

Changing the oil and put in the recommended amount to realise it's a tad too much so undid the drain bolt and sorted that. As an after thought will the crush washer need to be changed again ?
6 Replies | 368 Views
» 4L oil + filter 20 quid
Nov 19, 2017 - 10:15 AM - by kwackquack
XL moto doing a promotion for oil and filter, 28 when postage included
5 Replies | 354 Views
» Un seizing pistons
Nov 18, 2017 - 10:03 PM - by jp biker
What's the best option for the above in the front left hand side calipar
Or would it be a re build with new parts or just a good clean up and re lubing ?
13 Replies | 512 Views
» Tiger 800 shim adjustment
Nov 18, 2017 - 8:23 PM - by sean o caoimh
Hi all
I'm changing the ex shims but the lines on the sprockets seem to be one tooth off! . Should I get them level as the manual says or should I just leave them as I found them and just do the shims. ?
PS Can I top up the brake cylinder with brake fluid I opened a few months ago or will I need to buy a new bottle again. I just need to top up.
4 Replies | 232 Views
» R.I.P. Dan Hegarty.
Nov 18, 2017 - 7:48 PM - by bushman
17 Replies | 996 Views
» Nissin seized front brake pad pins with rounded Allen heads.
Nov 18, 2017 - 7:13 PM - by nednedned
I took a punt on eBay for a second hand bandit front calliper set. Their description was in working order. I've emailed them. Anyone have experience on removing the pad pins. Tried a few things . I've seen lads on youtube using next torx size up. On rounded allen head's . I've a 30 day refund anyway.
8 Replies | 355 Views
» Saturday evening entertainment
Nov 18, 2017 - 7:10 PM - by VJMC
Video of new bikes for 2018
11 Replies | 477 Views
» New to me V-Strom 650
Nov 18, 2017 - 9:28 AM - by DAK
Well lads after much looking and searching for a bike I kicked the RT1150 to touch and decided a smarter option to get some road miles back up on might be a V-Strom.

Looking around on the usual places and getting completely confused by values etc with new models which were old models being offered at big discounts I stumbled across this 2012 in the UK. With much discussion and video inspection I said I’d chance it.

I’ve been away all week so got delivery organise and one of the lads took it into his place and he’s a Suzuki head. Says it looks perfect. Still haven’t see it so all excited for Monday. Then start the VRT think and she needs a new rear tyre.

It’s the newer model, gladius engine and digital dash, heated... [Read More]
14 Replies | 470 Views
» We think we have it bad
Nov 17, 2017 - 9:43 PM - by r1 sean
17 Replies | 931 Views
» Insurance quotes & Bike Clubs
Nov 17, 2017 - 9:06 PM - by haz619
Just a quick one, im just wondering why every insurance company when quoting ask if you are a member of any bike clubs.

Why is this relevant and if so how does it affect the price?

8 Replies | 629 Views
» Bike Finance @ Eire
Nov 17, 2017 - 10:20 AM - by RTV

It has been about 2 months since my garage has only 1 bike and I'm scratching my arms like a detoxing drug addict.

I also get nervous going out to the forest where there's always the risk of breaking some shit and god forbid having to use the cage to commute while fixing the bike. [Please, be original and put your reliability jokes here ]

So... I need another bike, pronto!

Is the fecking Credit Union the best option? Is there any dealers out there that will do a proper finance plan?

I'm going naked [ladies?], MT09 most likely but I would consider other brands if the option arrives.

Taking a... [Read More]
26 Replies | 1,110 Views
» Oxford heated grips, meaning of blue vs green light
Nov 17, 2017 - 12:28 AM - by KawaPrincess
Hi everyone

I got heated grips. Have them for about 2 weeks now. They are great. But the lights on them are usually green. Tonight they were blue. I tried googling what it means but all I get is problems with flashing blue lights. There is nothing flashing. And the heated grips still worked fine.
Does anyone know what the different colours mean?

Thanks a lot!
4 Replies | 486 Views
» Yamaha xt660z
Nov 16, 2017 - 11:23 PM - by bikewise
I'm looking for a Yamaha Tenere headlight, anyone got any suggestions?
Yamaha want 210 for a new one. I'm struggling to find one in a breakers.
1 Reply | 208 Views
» bike delivery, meath to kerry
Nov 16, 2017 - 11:21 PM - by ratbag
lads, anyone have a number for someone to move a bike from meath to kerry
2 Replies | 313 Views
» Moto Guzzi V85
Nov 16, 2017 - 6:10 PM - by Duke 78
She's gonna kill me... but I am buying this bike!
I haven't been exited about a new bike, since I can remember!
This was my dream! Different looking, more traditional, great suspension, better breaks and (80) bhp that is for a regular Joe like me And Guzzi just delivered it. It looks pretty finished for a concept bike! Just leave the name as is V85. Or name it Eros Ramazotti, I couldn't care less! HURRY, make it!!!!
18 Replies | 638 Views
» Starter or battery
Nov 16, 2017 - 3:10 AM - by HurricaneDream
Bike was making strange noise while trying to start and refused to start unless i rolled it in neutral and started it and it worked for a day.

So i have a rough idea that it could be starter motor or battery at the time of the issue.

Today came was gonna ride into work and bike wouldn't start even with the push from the day prior. Rolled bike in second and got it going with a push.
Let bike run and turned it off .Now when i turned it off and tried to start it it fired after a little bit of the questionable noise.

The only this that has me worried is that this issue was no existent bar when i washed it on Sunday and ran it on Monday along with this i installed a GPS module which works a charm but i feel as if it could have drained the... [Read More]
14 Replies | 592 Views
» 2017 Macau GP: Irwin tops first practice with Derek Sheils 4th
Nov 16, 2017 - 1:30 AM - by Admin
PBM Ducati’s Glenn Irwin has drawn first blood in the opening 2017 Macau Grand Prix practice session, topping the timesheets by 1.430s from veteran Michael Rutter while Austrian Horst Saiger got a tow from the young Carrickfergus maun to grab third on his final lap, with Derek Sheils finishing a resounding 4th, The Dublin rider is also making his second appearance at Macau after finishing ninth on his debut in 2016 for John Burrows’ Dungannon-based team. Sheils' time of 2m 29.522s was just 3.5 seconds down on pacesetter Irwin.

Manx rider Dan Kneen was fifth quickest on the BMW ahead of Martin Jessopp (Riders Motorcycles BMW), who has finished as the runner-up three times at the event.

Peter Hickman, who has won the race for the past two years, was... [Read More]
Attached Files
5 Replies | 543 Views
» Best place to buy a new Kawasaki
Nov 15, 2017 - 10:39 PM - by biosed
As title, where is the best place in Dublin (Ireland?) to buy a brand new Kawasaki?
57 Replies | 2,050 Views
» Used Speed Triple R or New MT09
Nov 15, 2017 - 5:42 PM - by BigDiggity
I'm sure this is a subjective matter but just seeing if anyone maybe has experience of both to shine a bit of light on it.

-The reason I'm talking in £stg is I'm based in the North.

I've always been mad for a 2012 onwards Speed Triple R, recently I've been considering adding one to the stable. They go for around £7k-£7.5k stg.
The reason I want the R is the upgraded suspension (easier to setup for a heavier lad such as myself) and lighter wheels and its a bit better looking.

Click the image to open in full size.... [Read More]
13 Replies | 627 Views
» Diesel spill on fota road
Nov 15, 2017 - 2:59 PM - by 2wheelsrbetter
Hi for anyone down cork way there's a bad diesel
Spill coming out of Cobh , fota road especially
Cage accident just now , stay safe .
1 Reply | 187 Views
» Benelli TRK502
Nov 15, 2017 - 2:00 PM - by Mike70
Has anyone got one of these?? Would you recommend ??
Don't know how to attach photo..
34 Replies | 950 Views
» Carbon fibre repair kit?
Nov 14, 2017 - 11:33 PM - by r1 sean
Is there anyone in Ireland doing cf repairs or anyone selling the repair kits?
2 Replies | 271 Views
» 2017 Macau GP
Nov 14, 2017 - 11:20 PM - by BIvy
kicks off this Thursday with practise for bikes , was live streamed last year
28 Replies | 889 Views
» Importing from Canada
Nov 14, 2017 - 9:38 PM - by Gintonious
Hey guys,

Probably a common enough question (kinda), but I will be moving back to Ireland after 4.5 years living in Canada. The time has come, as they say.

With that, I intend to bring back my pride and joy, my Rnine T. Its a 2015 but I bought it in January 2016 from a dealership. Had 175Kms on it and is sitting pretty at just over 3,000 now.

I have asked on another forum but info is sketchy, a friend of mine also moved his 31 year old Harley over from Los Angles about 6 years ago and his advice was to sell my bike! That isn't really an option with me, both because I want to keep the bike and also with time, I don't really have much time to sell it up here in Vancouver.

From what I gather, I may be exempt from certain taxes etc... [Read More]
12 Replies | 485 Views
» Lubing throttle cables - advice needed
Nov 14, 2017 - 7:09 PM - by The Windy City Rumbler
Hey lads how are things?

I have lubed my clutch cable many times using the cable lube tool and cable spray lube.

Is there much to lubing the throttle cable?

Is it a case of lubing the 2 cables on the throttle tube or do you need to loosen cables at the carbs too?

Bike is a carbed cbf600.

10 Replies | 499 Views


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