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» Best bonding glue for abs plastic
Oct 12, 2020 - 2:01 PM - by menapia dude
well folks im looking to stick tabs back on the inside of fairings that broke off the tabs go in to rubber holes,

what is the best and strongest glue out there for abs plastic ?
27 Replies | 681 Views
» Transport bike from Uk?
Oct 12, 2020 - 12:58 PM - by horseshoe6
Are people still bringing in bikes from England with the current covid restrictions?

I did a search on the site here and came up with recommendations for Teds Trucking. Got their contact details frm a google search however the phone number doesn't connect.

Are they still trading and transporting do people know, and beyond Teds who else would people recommend?

Thanks for the help.
11 Replies | 342 Views
» Bike Transport
Oct 12, 2020 - 12:02 PM - by doohanno1
Have Ted's Trucking trucked off.?
Can't get hold of them on their number..
Anybody know anything.?
3 Replies | 152 Views
» Racists....
Oct 11, 2020 - 5:00 PM - by Jack stowage
New description , get it out there...shout it at them when you pass....you read it first here....

noun: racist; plural noun: racists

...A cyclist that rides a "race" style bicycle.....

plural ; racists...

..two or more , a group, gang...

30 Replies | 922 Views
» Auto electrician around wicklow/dublin
Oct 11, 2020 - 1:57 PM - by iano
Anybody know of one who could wire a speedo up for me?
1 Reply | 134 Views
» Rear Tyre losing air pressure
Oct 10, 2020 - 9:15 PM - by Frankkilty
Rear tyre is constantly losing pressure. I just keep topping it up. Drops about 10 psi in two weeks. I don't seem to have a puncture. Anyone ever had their tyre do this and get it fixed by removing tyre and refitting it? I should just go get it done and find out for myself but thought I'd ask. I suppose it could be a leaky valve but I have a valve cap on it?
13 Replies | 376 Views
» Ryan gets a medal from the Queen
Oct 10, 2020 - 9:06 PM - by roroliam
Nice to see "crying ryan " get a medal from the Queen. She loves the roads.
6 Replies | 276 Views
» farewell the TT scoreboard
Oct 09, 2020 - 12:53 PM - by nednedned
12 Replies | 288 Views
» bike delivered from Lisburn to wexford
Oct 07, 2020 - 1:54 PM - by menapia dude
anyone up north next few days have a little 125 in a bike shop i want collected and taken back to wexford or near it, couriers bit scaldy
28 Replies | 854 Views
» Wanted for crimes against motorbike
Oct 06, 2020 - 10:25 PM - by ninky_nonk
I think lockdown made this owner a bit crazy.

21 Replies | 505 Views
» Kawasaki key programming tool
Oct 05, 2020 - 10:50 PM - by galway86
Hi, I've a strange one for ye,
I've two red keys ,one will start the bike not a bother
,the other red key will turn the ignition on but wont start the bike and it throws up a code 36 which is a blank key detected.

Then I've 1 black key which turns the ignition on but wont start and also throws up a code 36,

Then 1 more black key but it's a blank so wont turn on the ignition.

God only knows the boloxing that someone did in the past but I'm wondering if I get the key programming tool or get someone to do it .could I register the two keys to the ecu that are already cut for the ignition instead of buying 2 spares.
As it is I've 3 keys that will turn on the ignition but only 1 of the red master keys will actually start the... [Read More]
6 Replies | 241 Views
» Honda 50 70 90 prices?
Oct 05, 2020 - 7:15 PM - by jic44
For a good while now there have been honda 50/70/90s advertised on donedeal and elsewhere for stupid money but there have also been more for sensible money.

Recently I have noticed they are almost all stupid money like 800 quid for a frame and siezed engine with no book or wheels and 2500 for a rough complete bike.

Are they actually selling for that?

That oul heap is asking 2500 no offers.

Based on that the one I have is a 4grand bike but I wouldnt expect more than 1200 for it.

Has anybody bought or sold one for... [Read More]
17 Replies | 335 Views


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