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» BSB offs
Jul 20, 2015 - 8:48 PM - by scoffey
Scary stuff, the two offs in race 1, fuck me. And how they got Shakey's bike ready for race 2 beats me, and he gets a podium. These guys earn their fuckin money, no mistake
6 Replies | 472 Views
» Oil Leak on TL
Jul 20, 2015 - 6:19 PM - by the landshark
Me bloody tl melted its clutch cover yesterday, it was struggling to keep the temperature down anyway on the slow spin.
Ten years of ownership and nary a bother till yesterday, the ecu somehow decided to "forget" its tune and go lean(it has never done this before) the rad fins were corroded away to fuck all so it wouldn't cool properly and the slipper clutch reddened, shit a set of friction plates and threw oil at the cover hot enough to melt it.
Question is how would an ecu forget a tune, i've had the battery out for ages before and it stayed grand.
Anyone with a spare cover for one of these that they don't want give me a shout, beer tokens available.
I must check out billet ones, they'd be harder to melt anyway.
7 Replies | 354 Views
» Chinese Radiators
Jul 20, 2015 - 6:08 PM - by the landshark
Anyone ever get a radiator from china?
The lower rad on me TLR is fucked and the upper one ropey,
Robinsons want over a grand sterling for the pair, ebay with shipping from china is about 160 plus whatever tax ill get hit with.
Just wondered has anyone any experience of the quality of these.
If they're any way decent i can get five sets for the price of a suzuki oe pair.
3 Replies | 337 Views
» Riders' Forum
Jul 20, 2015 - 5:57 PM - by tpmlogan
Hi All
There will be a riders' forum in Mondello Park on the first of August after the Saturday racing. This will be for riders to air their views and help us go forward as best we can in the future. Even if you are not entered for the racing, as a rider it would be good to hear new ideas. See you there. Members of the racing clubs and the short circuit committee will be in attendance.
Sheila and Terry
1 Reply | 242 Views
» Leinster 200 1st and 2nd August
Jul 20, 2015 - 5:51 PM - by tpmlogan
With this meeting coming so soon after the weekend's Masters event, we are extending the closing date from today until this Friday 24th July. After that we will have to charge late fees. If you have a problem just ring me and I'll try to help.
The trophies for this meeting are being sponsored, thanks to the sterling efforts of Shane Graham. After each race on the Sunday there will be a podium presentation for all classes to give everyone the recognition they deserve.
The entries can be phoned through to me and we do have credit card facilities.
I must congratulate the 125/300 riders for getting so many entries in on time. Well done lads.
3 Replies | 318 Views
» Anyone breaking or know of cbr250rr parts???
Jul 20, 2015 - 5:47 PM - by Knuckles
As the title says, I'm looking for someone breaking a cbr250rr the mc22 model. What I'm after is the exhaust downpipes. Mine are leaking just at the manifold and would like to replace them. Anyone know where I'd get them??
2 Replies | 131 Views
» FC-Moto?
Jul 20, 2015 - 5:36 PM - by 2shea
Seen a few threads here recently about fc moto not being great , they have a nice alpinestars jacket I'm after for 150 cheaper then most other shops even cheaper then motocard.

What's the main issue with them? Anyone's order ever go missing etc...
13 Replies | 623 Views
» Large parcel delivery from UK?
Jul 20, 2015 - 3:21 PM - by sean61
A mate recently had a small accident on his k1 gsxr 600 but the only damage was to the nose fairing. I've just found one on ebay in the UK and it's the same colour to make things handy. The problem is that couriers won't quote the seller because it's so big (75x70x70cm and 10kg). Is there any other options for delivery? The seller said if I could sort collection he would ship it no problem

Also if someone here has a blue/white nose fairing for a k1 600 that would be fantastic
8 Replies | 440 Views
» Adelaide Insurance - Computer says no
Jul 20, 2015 - 2:35 PM - by Sykes
I was just onto Adelaide Insurance there to insure a Moto-Guzzi NTx 750 with them. I wanted to add it to my current policy that I have two bikes on.

The guy on the other end of the phone told me they could not insure me because they dont have that bike on the drop down box of Moto -Guzzi's on their system and there was nothing could be done about it.

I asked could I contact RSA who underwrite for them and give them the machine details and he said "No, they wont add anything to the list".

Is this not the biggest load of bullshite you have ever heard?
13 Replies | 728 Views
» On line tool store?
Jul 20, 2015 - 12:10 PM - by Mr Pink
Hi guys I seen a link before in these forums for an online tool store seemed reasonable enough for prices. Can't for the life of me remember the name of it. Would anyone have a clue? I was looking for tap and die sets and punches and the like.

Thanks guys
9 Replies | 516 Views
» Interesting 2T Build: RD350 Scrambler
Jul 20, 2015 - 10:44 AM - by 2strokelover
Well it looks different anyway . . .

Click the image to open in full size.

... [Read More]
9 Replies | 283 Views
» 600 shadow carb problems
Jul 20, 2015 - 10:15 AM - by npgallag

Got 600 shadow recently with few problems with carbs. It goes fine up to 80kph but starts stuttering then and wont go any faster...carbs were rebuilt by previous owner and not stuttering below 80kph on lower gears so im thinking there is air getting in somewhere..? I figure it will need a carb rebuild anyway as not sure how well previous owner did it.
6 Replies | 204 Views
» Battery Life
Jul 19, 2015 - 8:36 PM - by BigEnd
Yuasa CBF600 battery dead after a little more than two years. Does this seem a bit soon?
9 Replies | 393 Views
» 150cc cylinder and piston
Jul 19, 2015 - 7:30 PM - by cokefeltbike
Got a gz125 seen a big bore kit on eBay 150cc piston and all the bits . Do I need a new cylinder head or can the old one be used .?? Are the cheap pistons and cylinders any good or are they rubbish.?? :)
14 Replies | 341 Views
» GSXR K6 Clock problem
Jul 19, 2015 - 7:30 PM - by Elsie
Recently bought a K6 with 5k miles on it , totally unmolested / mint. Has been great for the past two months but now digital part of clocks and rev counter are coming on / off intermittently. Bike is driving fine and neutral light , indicators etc all showing up fine on the cluster.

Specifically - driving along no issue then clock goes blank and rev counter needle in the red without actually increasing the revs

Has anyone had this specific problem , have checked the wiring in general looks fine.
2 Replies | 216 Views
» Thanks for stopping Mullingar Sunday
Jul 19, 2015 - 6:50 PM - by fw750x
A big thankyou to the Gent in the Van today who did a uturn and came back to check to see if i had broken down. I travelled down today to Mullingar to attend the Run for the Lady that was killed,Unfortunlatley i got there too late and missed the run.I was heading home again and stopped for something to drink and a smoke Just after the motorway roundabout heading for Delvin.That is a fantastic road Delvin/Ardee/Dundalk corner after corner up and down long straights,I will travel that road again.Cheers Francis
11 Replies | 851 Views
» Last minute advice for doing driving test
Jul 19, 2015 - 4:55 PM - by Dazz-yamaha
How's a going lasts have my test in finglas tomorrow iv got my bike gear and my paperwork (IBT certs + licence) ready iv brushed up on road signs and common questions they ask before the ride.

Any advice or tips for tomorrow much appreciated
35 Replies | 779 Views
» CB250 indicator/wiring prob
Jul 19, 2015 - 2:21 PM - by Carlsberg

I have everything done on my bike now except for the front right indicator.
I got a new bulb & it wasn't that so I pulled the front headlamp off to get at the wiring & there is a wire (solid black) coming off that indicator doing nothing. The other wire (black with blue line) is going to a blue wire.
Can anyone tell me where that black wire is supposed to go, there was 2 obvious wires I tried but none have the desired effect, ie it either stays solid or blinks slowly & stays solid when the other side is on.

If I follow the rear indicator on the same side to the front would I just wire it the same?
5 Replies | 137 Views
» VFR 800 2002 issues
Jul 19, 2015 - 1:43 PM - by Gambo
Hi guys.
New to this site and new to VFRs so need a little help.
Handles great. Works well up through the gears and the vtec cuts in at around 6500 revs.
Revs all the way up to max revs in lower gears but will not go above 9000 revs in 5th gear and 8000 revs in 6th gear.
Maximum speed is about 185km/hour
Any ideas?
Could there be a limiter on it?
Could there be a vtec issue?
As you can see, clueless.
Got her second hand so dont know the history.
11 Replies | 449 Views
» Bikers are uncommon in Ireland, why?
Jul 19, 2015 - 10:25 AM - by Olivier
Hello, sorry for my bad english, I am new in Ireland, sorry sorry....

I have a question, why bikers are uncommon in Ireland? You have a beautifull country, with great roads....

I live In Mayo, and I need to go at Dublin, or Cork, for find a motorbike Dealer
.....It's crazy....

I would like to open a motorbike dealer/Garage in Mayo or Galway, but I think it's a bad idea....

34 Replies | 1,726 Views
» Is this about right
Jul 19, 2015 - 10:23 AM - by suarridge
Local mechanic working from his garage,so no overheads
Little two stroke dirt bike, 140 to bleed both brakes, bleed the oil pump and fill the cooling system and bleed
It seemed like about two hours work to me so is 70 an hour not a little dear?
5 Replies | 638 Views
» 2001 Honda CBR600F Rectifier Regulator
Jul 19, 2015 - 7:44 AM - by Olaf Maxwell
Anyone got on in Cork that could be collected today to get someone sorted?
7 Replies | 234 Views
» Motorcycle shelter
Jul 18, 2015 - 11:21 PM - by mentaal
Hi Guys,
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good quality bike cover or shelter?
10 Replies | 490 Views
» Fork leg re chroming
Jul 18, 2015 - 10:22 PM - by 1stuey1
Have a yz125 with some pitting on the fork leg, its doing fork seals quite fast, need to get it re chromed, anyone know someone who does this?
4 Replies | 278 Views
» need a lend of a heat gun
Jul 18, 2015 - 10:00 PM - by Michael McDowell Senior Counsel
to do a bit of CF wrapping for a week or 2 max, in cork area
or a link to pick one up cheap cheers lads
would this do 20w seems a bit low
12 Replies | 408 Views
» Cbr 600rr beeping noise when idle
Jul 18, 2015 - 8:55 PM - by OC 78
Hey Chiefs, I've a 2003 model cbr 600rr, that has a beeping noise when the bike is running on idle and stops as soon as the throttle is opened, I taught it was electronic but it could as be mechanical, it happens intermittently. The bike is running great and idles at 1000 revs without fluctuating, there is no alarm on the bike, never come across this before on all the other jap bikes I've had in the past. I know the 600rr is a popular track bike so any ideas. I've even fired on a Remus can with no baffle and can still hear it.
20 Replies | 519 Views
» kwacker 1200
Jul 18, 2015 - 8:10 PM - by humpty dumpty anyone know this bike on dd...any info thanks
4 Replies | 221 Views
» Shite roads
Jul 18, 2015 - 7:15 PM - by Taraxius
The title says it nicely... I have a video to show you all of the road I take to my gym and town, its the most direct route but now I am unable to drive on it.
look at the fucking state of the road in 3 days... This cant be legal right? Its infuriating me, look at how much of a fucking hazard this is... The road was better off before the 'resurfaced' it... and look at the fucking end part, where the missed a giant fucking pothole literally meters after they stopped. How the fuck are the county councils getting away with this? I had a spill on this same road a few months back because I braked on loose chippings, not nearly as bad as this but I know now if I... [Read More]
6 Replies | 498 Views
» Stainless blueing
Jul 18, 2015 - 5:32 PM - by r1 sean
Well I took the heat shield off the R1 and the pipe has a few blue patches.Is there any way of removing the easy?
2 Replies | 277 Views
» savage heat outta the engine
Jul 18, 2015 - 4:58 PM - by Michael McDowell Senior Counsel
oil cap thermometer says 80degc but if I touch it after a good very hard spin my skin would stick to it. Rad aint as hot as the engine.
she is way hotter than 80. is this normal in oil burners
5 Replies | 367 Views
» Fingal August 30th Regs & Entry form
Jul 18, 2015 - 3:45 PM - by EMedlar
All please note the closing date is August 14th.

All entries that we get in before the closing date will be entered into a draw that will be held on Sunday 30th at the riders briefing.
Attached Files
0 Replies | 192 Views
» Marshalls (3 or 4 max) needed for Sunday 26th Bettystown
Jul 18, 2015 - 2:22 PM - by mikeH
Hi all,
I've been asked to see if anyone is interested in marshalling my local Athletic Club's race for an hour on Sunday next July 26th.!b-5/c1p7a

3 helpful souls would do the job, from 1045 to 1145 on Sunday in Bettystown (and a smile and a thank you is the payment).

pm me and I'll pass on Graham's number
0 Replies | 131 Views
» Mondello Park lap records
Jul 18, 2015 - 1:39 PM - by EMedlar
A few people have being asking about where they can find the existing lap records for Mondello Park.

Class Lap Record Who When

125cc 58.226 Nigel Percy 11 May 2008
125 Aprilia 1:04.532 Aaron Clifford 4 August 2013
250/305 Production 1:05.001 Connall Courtney 13 June 2015
250cc 56.455 Mark Kelly 21 August 2011
LWT 58.425 Joseph Loughlin 20 July 2014
Supersport Cup 55.654 Korie McGreevy 20 July 2014
Supersport Pro 53.817 Glen Irwin 3 October 2010
Superbike Cup 55.389 Raymond Casey 20 July 2014
Superbike Pro 53.032 Jack Kennedy 4 October 2009
... [Read More]
23 Replies | 1,303 Views


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