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» cheapo bike pressie for kids
Mar 24, 2017 - 10:14 AM - by kwackquack
for 20 odd quid they look like a cool pressie for kids that like bikes
4 Replies | 108 Views
» Aldi gear time again
Mar 23, 2017 - 11:08 PM - by Frisco
24 Replies | 624 Views
» Over 40 now issues with horn.
Mar 23, 2017 - 10:45 PM - by Hondapanfan
I bought a stebel nautilus air horn. Head great crack beeping at people, very effective for drawing attention when making people aware of your presence. Also good crack going under railway bridge at grand canal quay and b waking the yuppies up.
Anyway after six months on the bike, fuggin thing start failing, taught it was water but it was fitted well so water wouldn't get in.
Sealed unit so no real messin with it. And after two e mails to valkmotors Sap heads still no answer. So I would avoid valkmotors on e bay and acid stebel nautilus air horn. Bit of a flop
11 Replies | 344 Views
» Cam cover gasket.
Mar 23, 2017 - 10:29 PM - by woodsman
What bike is this gasket for cause I don't think it's for my nc........
Click the image to open in full size.
10 Replies | 226 Views
» IoM TT press launch online
Mar 23, 2017 - 7:05 PM - by belfez
Starting @8pm,
Most riders should be there
0 Replies | 98 Views
» Full entry list for british quadcross & sidecarcross championship round at desertmart
Mar 23, 2017 - 5:39 PM - by Baylon McCaughey

North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Off Road are pleased to announce in conjunction with the ACU & NORAMX the full Championship entry lists for the British Quadcross Championships held at Desertmartin on 1st April .

The MAXXIS British Sidecarcross Championship has the biggest field of Sidecars ever seen in Ireland since the days of the Whitehead based World Championship Grands Prix with 30 outfits entered, 23 from outside Ireland, including 3 Wildcard entries from Northern Ireland.

The entry is headed by multi British Champion and third in the World Championships in 2016, and of course a Grand Prix Winner Stuart Brown and new passenger Joe... [Read More]
1 Reply | 86 Views
» KLE500 Coolant and Oil lights on
Mar 23, 2017 - 5:28 PM - by Maidhc2604
Hi all, Ive a KLE500 and both oil and coolant lights have come on at same time. Ive checked coolant and changed the oil but still the lights remain on. I've sent the bike to Ivors in Galway and they spent 2 weeks 'trying' to figure out the problem and just rang to say they can't figure it out and theres nothing they can do for me. Anyone in Galway willing to recommend a mechanic who could sort this problem out or at least let me know what the problem is with the bike. Thanks in advance
6 Replies | 282 Views
» xt 600 tenere project
Mar 23, 2017 - 2:50 PM - by tod123
did a winter project xt 600 tenere . wasn't a huge job , cleaned up frame and resprayed it . (might powder coat this winter) , I refurbished and repainted swinging arm and forks satin black , icing on the cake was a full repaint in pearl white with classic Yamaha graphics by ger conlon . thanks for looking

before and after
Attached Files
12 Replies | 283 Views
» 1997-1999 900rr or 2000 929 fireblade
Mar 23, 2017 - 12:30 PM - by honda forever
I am looking at either getting a 97-99 900rr fireblade or a 2000 929 fireblade.just wondering what is your opinion on either one i am not to sure which to go for.maybe some of yas had either one any feedback would be appreciated thanks.
11 Replies | 350 Views
» can someone explain pilot screw openings
Mar 23, 2017 - 12:24 PM - by galway86
on a twin cylinder honda engine the carburetor has 2 pilot screws,im cleaning the carbs out and one pilot screw was 1 and 1/3 turn out from seating and the other was fully seated.
they had a brass cap on them that i had to remove so it was like this from factory.
on the workshop manual it says
pilot screw opening no.1: 1-5/8, no.2: 1-11/16
does that mean lightly seat then back out 1 and 5/8s or does it mean set anywhere between 1 and 5/8 ,
sorry stupid question, i think its the first one but want to make sure .
when the second one was fully seated it threw me a bit and i want to make sure
7 Replies | 318 Views
» Starting a Valeting/Detailing bikes business ?
Mar 22, 2017 - 9:03 PM - by pudzey
Well guys and girls I'm thinking about opening a bike detailing business ...

Just wondering is there much interest in lads paying to get their bikes detailed/cleaned ?? or would you rather do it yourself ? will add a poll at bottom of this ....

So, do you have any suggestions? What would you look for in a person to detail your bike? What would you expect (down to frame, just a good wash/wax, something in between)? What would you feel is a fair price?

Have 4+ years in detailing cages etc and have 90% of my mates bringing in their bikes to be washed and waxed by me at least once a month .

Would you pay to get your bike detailed?

1. No
2. Only if I trusted the guy with my life
3. Once a year
... [Read More]
45 Replies | 1,325 Views
» Caravan modification to transport race bike
Mar 22, 2017 - 5:37 PM - by budgerman
Has anybody on the forum successfully modified a caravan to transport a race bike inside it and still keep the caravan watertight?
5 Replies | 472 Views
» Dave moss Suspension guru coming to Ireland ?
Mar 22, 2017 - 5:24 PM - by r1 sean
OK so after chatting to dave he said he would like to explain what he does and give prices ect ,if there is intrest he will be over .

Dave has been traveling the world working with motorcycle chassis and suspension on motorcycles from 1995. His primary focus has been directed to dirt, street, track and amateur and*professional*road racers.*


His specialty is setting up motorcycles to the riders weight, type of use, riding style and ability. While doing the set up, Dave also takes a great deal of time to explain what is being done and why so the rider understands why the bike will feel different. He will also recommend changes needed to the motorcycle for an individual’s weight, ergonomics and physical needs. This is a very unique service... [Read More]
18 Replies | 572 Views
» C spanner
Mar 22, 2017 - 4:23 PM - by addicted to rage
Hey guys i am looking to buy a c spanner or hook wrench i think some call it. i tried me local motorfactor be waiting a week TED dont have em in stock another week waiting. anyone know where i can get one looking for the adjustable ones
17 Replies | 409 Views
» R1150 GS Killarney/Killorglin????
Mar 22, 2017 - 1:30 PM - by Harley Riders Love A Reacharound
Anybody lost anything outside my place from an GS 1150? It was on the main Killarney-Killorglin road before Beaufort Bridge this morning 22-03-17? I have it here if needed, and being a GS rider it wasnt there virginity anyway....
13 Replies | 540 Views
» Road racing insurance
Mar 22, 2017 - 1:16 PM - by blk150
Sad to read this shit. Guess it's a sign of the times and if insurance companies have their way we will all be wrapped up in cotton wool. 100% increase in the premium ffs
1 Reply | 297 Views
» Cheap battery charger
Mar 22, 2017 - 10:42 AM - by Luki
My charger is AWOL and I've a flat battery after 3 months motorcycle lazyness. Any good deals in Dublin for a new one? Hopefully won't need a battery:) Cheaper the better.
15 Replies | 460 Views
» Hayabusa
Mar 21, 2017 - 11:53 PM - by The comb over kid
Pre 07 post 07...much difference apart from improved brakes?
10 Replies | 561 Views
» Huge entry for Masters Superbike Championship season opener
Mar 21, 2017 - 8:47 PM - by Big Man Andy
Looks like the merging of the 2 championships is having a positive effect on entries st least!

The Masters Superbike Championship will kick off the 2017 season on the Mondello Park National Circuit this Saturday and Sunday March 25th & 26th, with a massive 40% increase in entries compared to the 2016 season opener.

All of the main classes will begin the new season with increased entries with the Supersport class increasing to over forty machines, despite some high profile defections to Superbike. Leading the entry will be 2016 Supersport Cup champion Aaron Clifford who returns on the Kingsbury Kawasaki he campaigned last season. Clifford's main opposition will come from Kingsbury team mate Ross Patterson and the highly experienced Jason Lynn, with Dean... [Read More]
7 Replies | 506 Views
» What bikes on an A1 licence
Mar 21, 2017 - 8:19 PM - by Ger310
Hi all,i've being driving on an A1 licence for almost 10 years now and my understanding was I could not drive anything bigger than a 125cc,but today a guy I was talking to said he thought you could drive bikes with bigger engines on an A1 licence once it had the appropriate restrictors on it.........can anyone on here confirm or deny this for me please?...thank you

19 Replies | 456 Views
» 2004-2014 R1 vs gsxr1000 vs cbr1000rr vs zx10r
Mar 21, 2017 - 8:19 PM - by pudzey
** Another Which Bike Thread ** Sorry in advance

Have my eyes set on one of these 4 bikes for summer . Anyone thats owned or owns any of them have any pros and cons

All seem to be 4 very good bikes ( depending if you find a clean one)

Currently leaning towards the zx10 as iv had a zx6 and 9 . But how do the others rank or match up to it ?

any help appreciated ?
14 Replies | 630 Views
» Dave moss tuning
Mar 21, 2017 - 8:15 PM - by r1 sean
Would there be much intrest with people having dave taking a look at there bikes be ir race or road ? If you don't know who he is please YouTube him .
4 Replies | 283 Views
» R1 part needed
Mar 21, 2017 - 6:07 PM - by shellier46
Lads & ladies any one breaking an 2002 r1 looking for a starter motor for a mate . ASAP
Thanks .
9 Replies | 221 Views
» choppers lathe thread .
Mar 21, 2017 - 5:45 PM - by chopper
well i finaly picked up a lathe . its in need of some repair .1st issue is the wiring seems a bit fooked. it trips the breaker in house as soon as its plugged in . theres some pretty messy wiring in a box on it .anyone know what that switch that looks like a lightswitch do ?.im presuming its some sort of a forward/reverse switch .should i try get an updated switch ?. i think its the problem with the tripping .
i presume ill have a fuck load of questions on lathes so ill keep it all in this thread :-).
Attached Files
29 Replies | 962 Views
» Seat recovering
Mar 21, 2017 - 5:19 PM - by baz
Any recommendations,need to get seat recovered fairly straightforward seat off an srx in black ,Dublin or Kildare area preferably also any idea cost,thanks
6 Replies | 249 Views
» Bike advice (fitting A test criteria)
Mar 21, 2017 - 1:33 PM - by de_Selby
I know this question probably comes up a lot & the general advice is that you really need to sit on the bikes and try them out, but I'm trying to decide what bike to get as someone who's starting out on an A provisional & will most likely be using the bike for commuting.

I'd like to get a bike that satisfies the A criteria and also has ABS - I know it's not a requirement in a lot of people's books, but give I'm just starting out I'll feel safer with it. I'd like to get something that can be used in the test too, so I don't have to be on an unfamiliar bike.

So from my research I think I'd like to get something that would suit the roads better with more low end torque, like a V-twin rather than getting a inline 4 600. I'm not going to be looking to go... [Read More]
11 Replies | 384 Views
» K1 GSXR RHS Engine Casing Cover
Mar 21, 2017 - 1:06 PM - by skiduki
A buddy of mine is out for his 1st race meeting at the masters next weekend but he's having a spot of bother getting a race approved right side (oils filler side) engine casing cover for his K1 GSXR 600. The bike has a left side casing fitted but he's tried RnG, eBay, Earnie Costs, CC's and a few others but can't locate a right side casing. Any 1 have a toughened race approved casing for a K1 GSXR 600 or know where he could get 1 in a hurry?
6 Replies | 230 Views
» Snow!
Mar 21, 2017 - 6:43 AM - by woodsman
Roads are fairly deadly here in Clare with a nice dusting of white stuff.
Mind yourselves.
28 Replies | 870 Views
» Bearings
Mar 20, 2017 - 9:22 PM - by r1 sean
OK I have the wheels of and more or less ready to go to wizard wheels for powder coating ,I have newish bearings in the wheels so I'm thinking about making blan off plates on my cnc in work and get them done with the bearings still in them ,will they be OK after the oven ect?
20 Replies | 652 Views
» Any ZZR 1200 owners on here?
Mar 20, 2017 - 6:08 PM - by Budthewiser
Lads are there any ZZR 1200 owners on here. I bought a bike as a project and I've a few questions I need answers regarding dimensions.
7 Replies | 334 Views
» Ferry Crossing
Mar 20, 2017 - 5:12 PM - by Anthony Byrne
Never been on the ferry before on a bike, do they tie it down for you or do you have to do it yourself?

Dont want to carry extra straps if its not needed, thanks
21 Replies | 789 Views
» tiny camera
Mar 20, 2017 - 1:55 PM - by kwackquack
for anyone who don't want to splash out a huge amount on a helmet camera these might be an option, if your commute isn't to long the battery time should be fine and you can probably make it somewhat water proof with some cling film, I ordered 2 of them since they didn't cost more than a tenner
23 Replies | 778 Views
» Ducati bits and bobs
Mar 20, 2017 - 1:51 PM - by bsd
Looking for a few bits to replace on the Italian, who do you guys recommend? Have a few places in the UK,but want to try local first.
Front brake switch,cush drive rubbers,couple of nuts and bolts,aftermarket air filter etc.

Also looking for 3/4' drive 46mm & 41mm sockets. Tried all the usual suspects in Galway and no one has any.
8 Replies | 328 Views


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