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Default Re: Honda continue in a downward spiral

Originally Posted by Kavo
Ducati are backed by the Audi group at the moment so they've plenty of money to spend sure they've already thrown 25 million euros at Lorenzo for a 2 year deal alone
Selling top end luxuary cars to europeans is harder then selling mopeds in emerging markets.

Audi is valued at 14billion,
Honda is valued at 54billion.

Audi is not short of sheckles but cant possibly match the purse for R&D that honda have.

25 million for a fickle rider is a mistake in my opinion.
Lerenzo needs all things perfect to get results and I havent seen a unicorn in the Ducati camp since that whinge bag stoner left.

Honda just need to concentrate on fun and reliability not safety systems no one needs.

I love Honda but its hard to love bikes like the vfr1200, crosstourer, nc750, that fucking batman bike and even the new crf250 rally has missed the mark by 200cc....

They need to shake things up, slap on turbos, give alot more tech as standard and a few fucking extras... not even a center stand comes standard on Bikes these days....
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