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Default Re: The future of motorcycles?

Originally Posted by Vjmc.Cork
It's actually oil companies that are driving development of EV tech.They know the writing is on the wall so they're looking for the next big thing.
Shell sponsor a big electric race in the us every year.
That's not how I've read it. The major player is a 10yr old start up company whos done nothing but shake up solar, space and EV. In the same 10yr period, not much has come from ALL those big cage and oil players with hundreds of billions to play with. Imagine what VW could have achieved with all the money it spent on fines from diesel gate ?
I don't believe for a single second that a big oil company or country would willingly help its own demise, they've done nothing but buy up, stifle and sit on new tech. Neanderthal behavior and we know'ish what happened them.
Its in the cage companies best interest to develop as people will still want their personal conveyance.
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