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Default Re: Bike accident from the cage perspective

Firstly, I hope the biker is not injured, sure low speed but you can still brake a leg like that.

Yep the car driver fecked up but I guess it's probably more like 80/20 situation. How any of us would execute the right turn in that car, in that situation? would you wait 30 more seconds, moved out a bit slower? Ya know what I mean.

Now you dont overtake a standstill traffic if you dont know all your the entrances/exits along the way for the reason shown. I am not a smart alec here, I learned the hard way while hitting the car that suddenly executed a turn in front of me. But we were both adults about it, more serious shit happens every day, and we settled with notifying the insurers, sign the statements etc. NCDs saved, handshakes and good-lucks exchanged. We both cut through a solid line you see.

Lesson for the parties involved and for the rest of us, no matter how many miles you do on the bike, every day is a new scenario slightly different from before, one can never be too cocky (I am not saying the biker was) about own skill set.
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