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Old 11th July 2018, 09:57 AM
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Default Fair play: Cotters MC

Needed a quick job done due to a bit of ill-advised gunthering.

While doing another job, I managed to tear the rubber body of the valve on the back wheel of the VF.

Made it early to Cotters this morning and was happily waiting for the shop to open up, when the lads arrived 20 minutes early.

While getting themselves sorted out to open, they copped me in the car and asked what I was looking for and I said I needed a new valve in the wheel and they took it in on the spot. I barely had time to admire the gorgeous S1000RR outside the door before I was handed back the wheel. I was back in the car and on the way to work before 09:00.

Fair play, wouldn't have even asked for such service and was happy to come back and pick up later, but it was done right there and then.

Above and beyond the call.
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Old 11th July 2018, 11:18 AM
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Default Re: Fair play: Cotters MC

Great stuff. They are a great crew in Cotters ��
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Old 11th July 2018, 11:22 AM
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Default Re: Fair play: Cotters MC

Thats gas, my experience with them is usually average enough

Last time I went I rang ahead, gave them the wheel himself says "Ill have to see if i can find the tyre". He goes off comes back and says not a word to me, right says I. Wait around a while, Go out for a smoke, see the wheel being done. Ok so they found the wheel anyway, should be a few minutes. Waiting around a while longer, hadnt paid, hadnt gotten me wheel. go out for another smoke, see the wheel just sitting outside done. Go in and ask to pay for my wheel and go home. Obviously I was not used to the flow of work in there but a bit of feedback wouldnt have hurted

Grand lads overall and ill go back but I'd be holding off on telling brian dobson about a tyre crowd changing a valve for you quickly when its not peak hours
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Old 11th July 2018, 11:46 AM
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Default Re: Fair play: Cotters MC

Always found them great to deal with. Was enquiring about buying a trailer a couple of years back and the main man (don't know his name) offered to loan me one for the weekend. Usually go in once a year for tyres so they hardly know me from adam
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Old 11th July 2018, 03:50 PM
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Default Re: Fair play: Cotters MC

Never had any probs with em in all the times i had tyres changed there...sound lads
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