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Old 9th December 2017, 07:40 PM
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Default Re: audio in helmet

Originally Posted by SINBAD
I couldn't listen to music on the bike.or even wear earplugs.don't care if I'm deaf when I'm least I'll be I'm sure they will have a magic hearing aid by then.I do sing in my lid tho. (Probably more dangerous to passers by)
You really should try wearing the ear buds. you might regret it as I do when older.

Ear buds dont cut out the sound, they simply reduce it, you will still hear your engine and most of the noise around you.

As for audio and music, personally on the long trips I love it, as long as its down low enough to hear without stopping you from hearing what's going on outside your helmet. There's nothing like you, the bike and a bit of 'Dark side of the moon' to keep you happy on the longer trips.

Am seriously thinking of buying the new Schuberth C4 in the new year, has anyone got one or tried one? Would be useful to be able to hear the sat-nav when needed and not have wires hanging out of the helmet.

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