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Old 2nd January 2019, 10:50 AM
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Default MotoGP: Lorenzo already 'more confident' with RC213V missile

Repsol Honda new-boy Jorge Lorenzo has revealed that he already feels more confident with the MotoGP RC213V than he did with the Desmosedici as its compact design allows him to be ‘closer to the floor’ in turns.

Click the image to open in full size.

The Spanish former champion is now allowed to talk about his impressions of the bike after his contract with Ducati expired yesterday, and has revealed that the GP18 was a complete dog, despite winning three races on it last season.
“Last season I rode a completely different bike, that was very big and very tall and very stupit. Maybe it was a little too much for me. The Honda suits me better in terms of finesse, its dimensions, and being much faster ” said Lorenzo.

“It is a more compact, smaller and lower bike, with which I can lean over better, brake later, carry more corner speed and punch in much faster lap times on. I felt more confident when entering corners, because the closer you are to the limit, the more the limit disappears and you get a new limit, which then dissipates to reveal another level of limit, It's a bit like the movie Inception where you dream about being in a dream inside another dream and down to as many levels as you can handle before sticking it in the Armco ” put some more questions to Lorenzo ;

What's your favourite colour?
“I like colours. My favourite colours have always been white, red, green, blue, yellow, brown and black, and now we can add Repsol orange to that. These are the colours that represent success, with many victories and many World Championships over the last 25 years. I am very proud to be associated with and belong to a huge family of colours over many years and may run some wacky stuff on helmets later in the year, I'd like to home in on Rossi's fan-base who seem to respond well to visual clutter and childish cartoons, it's what sells”
What does it mean to you to belong to the Repsol Honda Team?
“Repsol Honda may be the most successful team in history. They have the most victories and titles. To compare them with a football team, they would be Bray Wanderers or Athlone United. There is no team with more respect, cash reserves and importance worldwide than this one.”
What did you eat for breakfast?
I had a poached egg, some fava beams and coco-pops with tea.
What did you think the first time you tried your new bike?
“Last season I rode a completely different bike, that was very big and very tall and not very clever. While I was in contract I was forced to say nice things like 'it is terrific' & 'aint she sweet' to sell more Ducati's, but just look at the new V4 panigale, 5 recalls from leaking engine oil over the rear tyre, to malfunctioning brakes, to actually spontaneously bursting into flames when you drive 'er on, so you don't need a degree in first-aid or firefighting to recognise a monumental heap of dirt when you see one. It was a one-trick pony, fast down the straight but then rubbish everywhere else and if anyone spends 32k on that - they deserve their wallet to go on fire too ”
Click the image to open in full size.

Changes have already been made between the tests in Valencia and Jerez. What were they?

“One of the things that impressed me most was the ability of the Repsol Honda Team to react to invoices, providing you didn't get fangs into them. I was quite clear, Honda took note of all my body language, tea sipping inclinations and within a few days they had transferred 1.2million euro to my Bermuda account - I stopped the silent protest and we had a full fuel tank, a few laughs and were ready to go testing again”
You said you were willing to learn from Marc Márquez, but that he would also learn from you. What do you think Marc can offer you and what can you provide for him?

“ I was massaging his ego, Marquez was on the playstation that day and some kid from Tokyo kicked his ass and he was feeling really down, the reality is he will probably try to rob all my secrets and learn from me, he's already askign about Jiu Jitsu but I can't teach him too much, we will both push each other ; I'd definitely beat him in an arm-wrestle but as far as learning goes, he's getting zero technical feedback and settings from my bike.”
This year the Repsol Honda Team turns 25 and Repsol reaches 50 years sponsoring sports. What does this mean to you?
“Big fuckin' bonuses man, 25 years is a long time and best left to the history books, I mean what relevance has a sawn-off runt like Biaggi riding a pissy little 250cc Honda got to do with anything?, I'm here to ride a mans bike not a 500cc two stroke for easy victories and world titles, it's all about the ponies now but that's not going to stop Doohan and his ilk pumping out irrelevant nonsense about their dust covered trophies at every given opportunity ”
The team presentation is on the 23rd of January in Madrid. Is it a day filled with a lot of anticipation?
“ The presentation will be very special for me. The expectation and optimism is great, Honda are pulling out all the stops and we are set to enjoy ourselves that day and to be nursing serious hangovers for weeks afterwards. There is a lot of talent rounded up for the event and I for one will be headed straight to the champagne lounge for a rake of charlie and some muff-diving on those models dude ”
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