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Old 11th January 2018, 03:47 PM
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Default Re: Helmet safety Ratings

Originally Posted by efanton
if one helmet is getting more destroyed in a test than another it does not necessarily follow that the first helmet is not as good. In fact its quite likely the opposite as the energy used to destroy the helmet is energy that cant be used to destroy your head.
Only if you come to an abrupt stop, but pretty much all motorcycle accidents however involve being thrown around like a rag-doll, and where a helmet (as you describe) absorbed enough energy to totally destroy the lid or damage / split itself in that particular area - it's your skull doing the absorption 2 milliseconds later if and when it lands on the same spot again.

Helmet crushing and testing should never be considered similar to the 5-star rated NCAP Testing, where the car pretty much writes itself off to absorb all the energy of one single collision.

Originally Posted by Frisco
This is the thing, no that would not give a better measure on how well a helmet would protect your head in an off.
A full race carbon lid that will withstand a 180mph crash may transfer more energy to your head in a 30mph crash than a lower spec plastic helmet.
Ultimate strength is not what you want for day to day use because the stronger it is the less it will absorb at lower speeds and what it doesn't absorb your head does.
There aren't many who would survive a 180mph crash, if it was into the back of a lorry or an oak tree for instance you'd be powerhosing the riders brains and shattered remnants of a helmet off it, but on a race-track, like during a Marque Marquez style high-side / tucking the front while hard on the brakes ( and with no trees or static objects in your way just the tarmac and kitty litter) you're only ever actually falling, mainly with gravity, towards the ground at a relatively slow rate of impact and certainly not 180mph, and where abrasion resistance of the helmet and for example the Sharp oblique impact tests at that low speed are probably more relevant and important than the actual bang itself.

Originally Posted by efanton

And this is entirely the point I was trying to make. The Sharp tests are totally ambiguous and meaningless.
In your opinion It's a much better system of evaluation than DOT, which approves the use of harley davidson piss-pot lids on motorcycles.
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