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Old 12th October 2018, 07:42 PM
Valiant Thor
Default busa clocks and turn lights not working ?

busa clocks and turn lights not working, no tail light , the rear brake light went last week?? I checked all the connections for continuity and voltage and it was all ok so I suspect it could be just the dual led strip rear tail/brake light,

I was driving up home and pulled in somewhere and when I got back on her and turned the ignition but no clocks and as above.

she has gixxer digital cluster and a Koso temp and fuel gauge, the turn lights are led with built-in load resistance, a bit 2 much I think as they stay on for only 10 seconds? I have a heap of new relays if that would make any difference.

the bike is driving and the hi/lo beams are working and the hi beam blue light, I think the fuses are grand, ob its a first port of call but I have to remove tank off completely etc (fighter) and going by wiring diagramme the only link is through the ignition barrel as going by the schematic wiring diagramme all the things that are not working have 1 thing in common and that's through the ignition.

She starts and drives, had headlight and horn. The fuse box is a heur to get at as I have to take the duke tail off her and the rear subframe to get at the tank pivot bolt and the fuse box , the only fuse would be the turn fuse, does this also power the tacho and speedo etc

wont be touching her till Sunday as college assignment needs to be finished and study for test Monday so and suggestions are greatly appreciated and a google search led to the gixxer forum and the Hayabusa owners forum and apparently its a common problem in gen 1's

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