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Old 16th May 2018, 01:24 PM
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Default Re: Helmet wobble when riding with pillion

Update: Setting correct suspension pre-load really helps! It may not be the final / only reason / solution, but it helps!!

We went to Wales for the weekend, pillion + panniers, with suspension pre-load set to max (40 or so turns on F800GT). We did a lot of motorway miles on M1 here and M56 and M6 over there, and absolutely no buffetting!!

I suspect what happened to cause the serious buffetting last week was the incorrect suspension setting (set for just the rider), where as bike was fully loaded with pillion rider and panniers. I suspect the excess weight at the back lowered the back a bit, tilting the screen a few degrees lower, the effect of which would be the wind from the top of the sheild hitting closer to the chin area of my helmet. With correct suspension setting (or riding solo), it hits just around the top part of the visor and up...

Anyway, did over 1000 kms and really pleased with not having to deal with buffetting! I don't think I will change the screen just yet, might reconsider before winter..!
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Old 16th May 2018, 01:28 PM
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Default Re: Helmet wobble when riding with pillion

trade her in for a younger shorter model.
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