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Originally Posted by Lukasz
Hi, I hope to do some touring once I get a grip on it, definitely not for commuting, as we don't really have any traffic in Clare on my work commuting times. I want to start working on my riding techniques as I am at a very beginner level so again I want to do short coast runs, some parking gymkhana and in close future I wanna fit some givis and tour as much as possible.
I got to be honest here

THe GSX600F was my first bike over 500cc.
If I was buying again, I probably would choose a different bike as my first +500cc bike. They are a great bike on the open road, but its very unforgiving at low speed and probably not the bike to be learning new techniques on.

Its definitely not the bike to choose if you have any aspirations of doing motorbike gymkhana. You will be dropping it frequently to begin with.
If you really want to do this you need a more nimble bike and the GSX-F or any other Bandit variant is not the best choice.

As for luggage, you can get the Givi rack for a top box which I have, but NOT for panniers. I searched high and low for options for panniers on my bike and the only real solution is the soft panniers that you throw over the pillion seat. There simply is no manufacturer making pannier racks for the GSX-F any more, your only hope is secondhand or modifying a rack for a similar bike.
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