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Originally Posted by green grass
My view is not that music is distracting or that the mind can't function while listening to music or the radio. It's just that we are been bombarded from early morning till late evening with I'm in my mother's sitting in her kitchen now and she has the news on the Collette Fitzpatrick is easy on the eye,but I couldn't give a bollox about what city Trump thinks the capital of Israel is...before I was here one of the lads was listening to some pox doctor on the radio talking pure slurry. In work one of the other lads had a radio blaring crap out of it since 8 am....and in the van on the way to work this morn the same lad as this eve was listening to the crap that is i radio...the modern answer to Atlantic 252....just with i radio the listeners have a greater input into the crap that read out on air.

I like the solitude of the bike....the silence.....the absolute fucking peace I get. Just an engine and the wind making noise, the mind gets a chance to catch up and wind down. It's healthy in my view to be bored from time to time.......a mind that constantly been bombarded by the pure shite that's been broadcast on a daily basis will never be creative. A mind needs to be bored from time to time to help think things through. But as was already said...each to their own!
very well said. when i was using the bike to commute i was driving the same roads day in day out. i did consider getting headphones and listening to music. for me personally i listen to allot of music. it helps me calm my brain.
so if i was to go back commuting on the bike i would probably go down the route of headphones.

on the other side of the coin when its taking the bike out for just the fun of riding it then i actually prefer the quietness in my helmet.

ideally 2 bikes would be great one for each use but the budget wont allow that
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