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Re: What shops sell wheel bearing kits in Dublin?

Originally Posted by Confusion
IMO, Koyo bearings are the best on the market. It seems unlikely that
Honda have changed the bearing size from 2010 to 2011, but it is
possible. Wemoto list the rear bearing for 2011 as 20mm x 47mm x 14mm.
This is the size of a 6204 bearing. A single or double sealed 6204 should be
a good fit. Something like 6204-2RS-C3 would be a good match. If in doubt,
check the markings on the edge of the old bearing.

My Suzuki Bandit takes the same size rear wheel bearing. I fitted
a pair of SKF 6204RSC3 from Fox in Tullamore.
Bulgarian instead of Japanese - they didn't have Koyo in stock.
They are still fine after one year of use.

There is a tiny amount of clearance in the bearing. On average C3 have
slightly more than CN (normal or standard). You may just about be able
to detect this at the wheel rim, even if the bearings are ok.

38,000 miles is great mileage for a chain. I would expect wheel bearings
to last longer. If it is 38,000km, that is a typical life for a well maintained
chain, but the bearings should still be good unless you have to cross
a river on the daily commute.

Bearings are cheap and there is no harm in changing them, but
it would be a shame to remove perfectly good Japanese bearings
and replace them with Chinese ones from a kit. Last time I looked,
All Balls and Wemoto (Slinky Glide) kits came with KML bearings.
Thank you for the very valuable advice!
In terms of bearing movement - due to lack of experience - I'm going by YouTube videos like DelBoy's garage, etc... In those videos they have similar tiny bit of movement when they say the bearing is gone. When they replaced the bearings and do the same test, grabbing/moving the wheel seems like grabbing/moving the frame, so very solid. Mine is more like the starting point in those videos. Very tiny bit of movement, like say 1mm relative to the axis (very hard to tell though), but still more than what I see when it's fixed in the videos.
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