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Default Re: list of stuff to bring to vrt office

I'm just back from the NCT to get my bike from Germany on the road.
Here's the list I've got from the NCT and which was ticked off by them:
V5 or Cert of Export
Proof of ID - i.e. original passport or drivers license
ferry ticket
recipt of purchase
proof of PPS-Number - official document only (I brought my last payslip and that was fine)
VRTVDP 1 or VRTVDP 2 Forms completed
utility bill - original and within 6 months (no print outs)
(photo copied and printed e-bills bank statements must be stamped by your bank)
chassis number on vehicle clean and ready for inspection (not on windscreen or plate)

All proofs of address must be original and dated within 6 months
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