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Default Re: Honda continue in a downward spiral

The new Goldwing looks fairly innovative with that front wishbone suspension instead of forks, probably similar / an improvement on BMW's design ;

Click the image to open in full size.

Cant imagine there being much feedback, but it'd be a good strong front end for big 3-wheelers and the like.

The africa twin is selling well, the fireblade aswell and they're topping the charts all over the world with 125's, so it's probably a case of 'if it aint broke, dont fix it' , and there aren't really too many alternatives with it comes to automatic / DCT motorbikes at the moment, although these have been slow to catch on as that general market fears change / sticks with tradition and what they know but if some bikers even tried it ~ they'd realise it's ideal for touring and commuting and using a clutch/changing gear is one less thing to concentrate on.

Honda are certainly behind with electronics though - Bosch's cornering ABS for instance is leagues ahead of Hondas C-ABS at a fraction of the bulk & weight, even if Honda were one of the first to introduce that system on a superbike for everyday / wet weather riding, they're just lagging behind now.

They'll make a killing on the new 2018 Honda 50 too I imagine (especially the SP model), Vespas are so last season.
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