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Default SKF fork seals

When I was lookin for fork seals for the Husky I was goin down the route of gettin OEM seals as I’d been long believing they were best but they can’t be got so I had to see what was the next best thing.
I kept coming across SKF seals as being the dogs so I looked into them. Expensive as fuck but as I NEVER intend selling my beloved husky I spent about double what any other seals cost.
Just from fitting them I thought they slipped on extremely easy. I even began to think they might be the wrong size that they slipped on so easy. But they’re not. Stiction is extremely low. Took her for a spin and they’re still dry as a bone.
I know time will only tell if my spend was worth it. When I bought the bike at 13k km the seals were only just replaced and I’m bang on 20k km now. 7k is a bit short in my opinion.
Anyone else have experience with them. If they stand up to it I’ll be fitting them from now on to all my yokes.

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