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Default Re: 1978 z650

Originally Posted by 2wheelsrbetter
you,ll need a valve spring commpressor tool to remove the valves,
i,ve a home made one you can borrow if you want .
Cheers When the time comes Ill probably be in touch, sound for the offer

Originally Posted by -alan-
Could be down to the mixture being on the rich side in the black ones - or simply more wear letting oil past the rings or the valve guides into the combustion chamber.
Sound! Replacing the rings solve that problem?

Originally Posted by chopper
Id say there might be some 750 barrells and pistons here if ya need em
To be honst, first engine im into, I cant feel any signs of wear in the barrells. Is there anything visually thats indicative of their condition? What exactly pn the barrells and pistons should I be looking for as signs they need replacing or are damaged in anyway?

Any info at all is appreciated, everydays a school day!
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