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Default Re: Mobile Signal Boosters - any experience?

Originally Posted by efanton
just be aware that signal boosters do just that, boost the signal.
If the signal is extremely weak, then all you are doing is boosting a poor signal including the 'noise' that comes with it. Often its noise that gives you poor download speed.
The above is fair, if you live in the middle of a forest, in a valley, kilometers from your nearest mast and with no line of sight, then you're f*cked no matter what you do; but indoor reception is little indication of the actual signal strength in your area. Go outside the gaff and get up as high as you can safely (open an upstairs or attic window or whatever) and see what you get then. The signal booster has a far better antenna than any phone will ever have, and said antenna can be located outside the building at a point where signal strength is decent but not practically accessible.

So whilst the op is correct in so far as you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear - the remote location of the antenna permits the ability to find and utilise good signal conditions (ie: outside and high up), and then relay that connection throughout the interior of the house.

For example, my house is a new build so it has all foil backed insulation in the walls; it's also a full masonry build so it's a heavyweight structure. The vodafone signal inside my house is, consequently, variable at best and non-existent quite regularly. The outdoor signal however is decent (~2 bars 4G on the phone a ground level) - so I got the Poynting external antenna for the Huawei B528 LTE router. I mounted the antenna on the outside wall of the house just below the soffit and the side facing the nearest mast (you can check that on The router now sees a consistent 4-bars of 4G signal, and I've solid internet throughout the interior of the house. Call reception is still crap though, hence why I'm planning one of the aforementioned units as soon as I've got the readies.
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