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Default Re: HELP, Back biking after long break

Originally Posted by DJPscales
Ive another nightmare to deal with now, i haven't gotten that new public services card either, so i have to leave work Friday to get that, to in turn book the theory test for the 26th, take work off again to apply with the NDLS for a permit.......BEFORE i fork out 540e for an lgbt.

The bike needs a new set of tyres and there is a 180/55 on the back so would have to wait to driver her anyway:)

cheers lads, all this 'legal' biking stuff better pay off.
Don't forget eye test and perhaps a medical also.
You won't be getting much change out of a grand if not more
When you add in pre tests,actual tests etc,the pay for a full licence once you making racket ffs but is money well spent.also 6 month rule will apply here also,so at least oct this year be four you can sit a full test
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