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Admin 6th November 2018 11:40 AM

Laguna Seca off the WorldSBK calendar for 2019
WorldSBK riders will not get their annual visit to California in 2019 as the Laguna Seca round has been abandoned due to dismal viewership figures in the sun soaked state.


The circuit announced that no WorldSBK race will take place there next season but hopes the series will return in 2020 when Jonathan Rea is expected to retire.

[quote]“ The MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship series will not be racing in North America in 2019 because most of the teams have pulled out declaring it pointless going up against championship leader Jonathan Rea, but the meeting is anticipated to return to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in 2020,”[/quote]

“ The situation is serious right now and we are at loggerheads to come up with a workable solution to make money ”[/quote] said an anxious Gregorio Lavilla from the press office

[quote]“ Rea needs to turn on the charm and start acting like Rossi, we're haemorrhaging cash because the WSBK series has no love/hate gay icon like GP, he needs to become bi-sexual and flirt with other males if we're to pique interest again in the sport. It's a tried and trusted format that isn't very difficult ; - wear whacky helmet designs, blow kisses at adoring fans and be a bitch about overtakes while strutting around the paddock like a temperamental prima donna, that's what fans want - not race wins - but maybe he's just too happy and nice for the role ”[/quote]
" If we wait until he retires, we could go bust - something needs to happen right now as the current format of Kawasaki's dominating every race meeting is just bad for business - it's all about courting sponsorship and only metro sexual Italians have perfected that charm, hey, Rossi sometimes make me question my own sexuality and I'm as straight as they come, but going forward we need a plan and may have to force some deals and riders from the motogp stable or just put a horses head and €1m option on the table for Rea to retire, as it's not fair on the other riders and teams competing in the sport and the recently imposed rev limits only seem to have made him faster ”[/quote]
said an unconfirmed source.

At 545 points, Northern Irishman Rea currently leads the championship with a 189pt advantage over nearest rival Chaz Davis.

It is not clear which track will replace the American round but following a 2016 financial scam at the circuit of Wales in the UK, both the Sokol Circuit in Kazakhstan and Lake Torrent in County Tyrone are currently under consideration for the 2019 WSBK meeting.

Lake Torrent has been heavily tipped as a firm favourite for Ireland's inaugural WSBK event, a clockwise track designed by Hermann Tilke, measures nearly five kilometres long, 15m wide with five rights, eight lefts and has a maze of underground escape tunnels for spectators.

It is situated close to a coal mine and despite having been [URL=""]marred by difficulties[/URL] during the year, looks set for another last minute cash injection by a Chinese consortium of investors anxious to complete the project.

PJ 9th November 2018 02:54 PM

Re: Laguna Seca off the WorldSBK calendar for 2019
Mental track! Facilities need to be upgraded though.

Mossy 9th November 2018 03:51 PM

Re: Laguna Seca off the WorldSBK calendar for 2019
I was at WSBK and MotoGP last year in the US.
The turn out to MotoGP was worse than WSBK, COTA was half empty.

As previous comment said, Laguna Seca is old and needs a revamp. Very bad circuit for viewing, the hills mean that you generally only see one/two corners from anywhere and there are no TV screens around the track.

COTA on the other hand is only a couple years old and a great circuit for the spectators. Just a pity not many turned up.

Mossy 19th December 2018 05:05 PM

Re: Laguna Seca off the WorldSBK calendar for 2019
SECA back on the calendar for 2019
Hopefully the fans show their support.


joe williams 20th December 2018 06:43 PM

Re: Laguna Seca off the WorldSBK calendar for 2019
[quote=Mossy;3560276]SECA back on the calendar for 2019
Hopefully the fans show their support.


Thank fuck for that . Its one of the best circuits.