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CodeJACK 10th September 2019 08:26 PM

I know how much ye all like the topic of trackers so I thought id start another thread on this specific one that I heard about today.

Fella was telling me that its great as a motion sensor alone and he knows to go running to the bike when he gets a call from it. Says very few false alerts etc.
The GPS bit seems to work quite well but thankfully he's not had to use it.

I like the idea that its self powered and once buried in the bike, you plan to replace the battery at each service where you might have fairing off etc anyway.

It seems the only real issue with it is the locality to the "key" that activates the alarm. Chances are, the bike is still in range of the key where you park it, so it never actually activates the alarm function. I think its a 10m range but whatever it is, it cant be changed. Maybe storing the key in a metal box in the house would be good practice/workaround??

Anyone got anything good to say about em?

tankas 11th September 2019 07:53 AM

Re: Monimoto
Yeah it's one of the best for the money it costs:


And I think storing the "key" in a foil wrapped/lined box or drawer will disable it/activate the alarm. I recommend doing this for all keyless entry/start vehicles for every night.
Because the basterds now use repeaters of sorts and don't even need a physical access to the key, they just get the key signal just by standing close to the front door.

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