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Admin 31st December 2018 09:30 AM

MotoGP: Dovizioso casts doubts on the Honda 'dream team'
MotoGP’s 2018 runner-up Andrea Dovizioso had acknowledged the Repsol Honda squad look like the strongest team on paper for next season but believes that having two champions in one squad may not be the correct formula.


Dovizioso and former Ducati team-mate Jorge Lorenzo, who has moved to HRC for the next two terms, were quite open in their mutual hatred for each other and it now appears that tensions had initially risen between the two after Andrea had failed to hold a door open for Lorenzo following a mid-season press conference at Valencia in 2018.

“Jorge make a big lunge for the door and cut the snout off himself when the automatic door closer kick in, and it no affect me but seemingly I wasn’t doing enough to keep the door open according to Ducati mediation team. When you have two riders for the world championship fighting for the same toilet seat we push each other to the very limit and it is positive for the development of the individual racer but I accept this also creates tension, which can be a way to lose points.

“We work in a different way because my feeling for the rear end was not good, and after a bad curry and feed of guinness the night before I try to stay focus on finding toilet with enough jax paper to see me thru but no hear Lorenzo coming up behind me for the inside line, He could have pulled a sneaky overtake down the corridor and there is nothing worse than a warm toilet seat stinking of your teammates poo while having a reluctant shyte and making funny faces, but like I told the inquiry - I simply not see him coming. For sure he always have many question marks over technical things and chit-chat but I no time for that stuff back then, and they certainly not like the outcome had I stay around and try to be courteous” said Dovizioso.

“On paper, Honda are the best team but that could also mean they are the worst team as if we add up both rider numbers, take away 200 then add 8, they both cancel each other out and we are left with zero, which is a bad omen heading into the 2019 season and I think they know it”[/quote]

joe williams 31st December 2018 11:50 AM

Re: MotoGP: Dovizioso casts doubts on the Honda 'dream team'

VJMC 31st December 2018 08:13 PM

Re: MotoGP: Dovizioso casts doubts on the Honda 'dream team'
"runner up" = looser :smileee: