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haz619 14th May 2018 01:39 PM

Insurance question
Hi, so I did my IBT six months ago and just recently passed my test and got my full, I called an insurance company to see about getting a bigger bike, like a 900 but they wonít quote me, anyone know how long I need to hold my license before I can ride a bigger bike? Iím in an fz6 atm


knightrider 14th May 2018 01:47 PM

Re: Insurance question
Who did you call? Try ring around you will get a quote somewhere else. If you call the same place you might get through to a different agent and get quoted

Curtain Twitcher 14th May 2018 01:51 PM

Re: Insurance question
Ring around, see what others will do for you. They all will have different acceptance criteria (and make it up as they go along)

haz619 15th May 2018 12:07 AM

Re: Insurance question
thanks guys

RTV 15th May 2018 09:21 AM

Re: Insurance question
Definitely ring around, some insurance will ask you to do the riders assesment. Ask your I.B.T guy as most they include that assessment in the price when you do the course... others will charge you extra for it.

As soon as I passed the test I contragutaled myself with the 1200 and the only way I was able to insure it was by getting the assesment for Axa and of course, pay a small fortune for it. After the first year it went back to normal and had no issues adding an R6 to my policy the following year.

I guess it will also depend on the type of bike you're after. Bikes have risk levels and they're not necessarily related to the CCs of the bike, cost of the bike will also play a role in this. The more new/expensive the more difficult to insure as a "new" rider it will be.

Hope this helps.


lessem 17th May 2018 06:04 AM

Re: Insurance question
Carol Nash quoted me at €1100 excluding theft n Provisional Licence for Street Twin. Too high for me anyway.