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menapia dude 6th December 2018 02:56 PM

zzr1400 comfort ?
folks thinking about 2 bikes a gtr 1400 and a zzr1400,wont be doing major long spins 5ft 9" here what are the zzr1400 like for comfort,and by reviews the 2012 onwards is a better bike to buy,anyone got either here i know the gtr is snug out:thumbsup2:

andrei 6th December 2018 06:42 PM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
I am 5ft 9" and comfort was fine on ZZR14. Only after 500 - 600 km spins my wrists were in pain and I couldn't feel my ass. It's an amazing bike, but I'd end up in jail if I had it for any longer...An exceptional self control is an absolute must for owning this bike ! )

Blueb6 7th December 2018 10:53 AM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
gtr is top notch and I'd have one in the morning, the most comfort I've ever had on a bike and won't entice you to speeds like the zzr14 will

IanS 7th December 2018 06:27 PM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
I've always found the fuel range limit (about 180-200 miles) to hit before the comfort limit does...
I'm 6ft, no bar risers or lowered pegs - the bike had them when I got it, but I removed them as I prefer the riding position without.

Rockster 8th December 2018 08:51 AM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
I find the motorcycle ergos website to be useful in making an educated guesstimated as to how comfortable or otherwise a bike is likely to be (of course real world use is the acid test).
Find a too long reach to the bars is the clincher for me - may work at 90 - 110mph when windblast takes weight off your wrists but is a pain the rest of the time (read zx12r, blackbird,busa etc). Of course this can be changed with bar risers and peg lowering kits.
My benchmark for comfort (but not reliability) was a bmw k1200s and compare other bikes to this in terms of a potential purchase.

waterman 8th December 2018 05:27 PM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
gtr all the way.comfort is number 1 but the refinement of the bike is exceptional.
I came of a pan onto the gtr just because I wanted to upgrade and the money on
the gtr was right.dont know what I will go for next because I don't think there is
anything better out there

scarebus03 9th December 2018 08:25 PM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
The GTR is an exceptional machine. Comfortable, fast, you're well protected and good luggage space with the topbox. I do about 14,000kms a year on mine. It's flawless and doesn't have any particularly fancy gizmos to break on you. It's heavy at 300kgs but surprisingly nimble at low speeds and perfectly good for filtering. It's hard on rear tyres though, you'll get about 8k kms on a T30 Evo. And did I mention it's fast as f$ck.

StarBoy 9th December 2018 09:34 PM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
Yes GTR all the way..sorry I sold mine.5,10 had risers on it, fast ,oceans of power ,comfortable not making them any more apparently.

rippy 9th December 2018 11:15 PM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
My 09 ( gen 1 ) ZZR 14 I find confy enough as long as im moving. Have done a couple of 500 mile + days on it . Wrists can hurt if too much slow speed stuff is necessary though . Best all round bike Ive ever had .

menapia dude 10th December 2018 08:00 AM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
leaning towards a 2013 zzr1400 with ohlins and 207bhp :smileee:,i dont think i will do enough long distances for the gtr,i like to go for a blast now and then too

oretom 10th December 2018 09:39 AM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
[quote=menapia dude;3559608]leaning towards a 2013 zzr1400 with ohlins and 207bhp :smileee:,i dont think i will do enough long distances for the gtr,i like to go for a blast now and then too[/quote]

you wont be disappointed, i had similar, 2012, full system and remap, phenomal motor, great brakes, reasonable comfort, im 6'1
went to bmw s1000xr, superb comfort, great motor, most fun bike had since i was a teenager i think...kmx 200

Conor200 10th December 2018 02:36 PM

Re: zzr1400 comfort ?
Havnt ridden the GTR but you might as well be in a cage with the width of it.

As for the ZZR, i rode one once and it was hard to tell if it was comfortable given that everything went blurry when i opened the throttle :woots: :woots::woots: