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allsorts&oddjobs 4th December 2018 11:17 PM

Good trucker
Dunno if you're on here but i reckon you have to be a biker anyway..
Yesterday on the road between Adare and Croagh in the afternoon there was loads of traffic coming against me and out of all of them someone in a grey/silver lorry was good enough to flash the lights a few times at me, enough for me to slow down a good bit and not get lamped by the big L on the croagh bypass, twasnt the gosafe van, twas the serious feckers :woots:, anyway, I was delighted so thanks mate whoever you are.

Aint it great to have friends :smileee:

Burt_Munro 5th December 2018 10:53 AM

Re: Good trucker
A lot more radar patrols of late out there. Picked myself up a few points on the M11 a few weeks back and have seen loads more since. Wish I'd seen that guy though!