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Admin 7th May 2019 11:30 AM

McGee takes 4 wins at 2019 Tandragee 100
Derek McGee won four races - the Feature, Supersport, Moto3/125cc and Supertwins, to add to his hat-trick at Cookstown this weekend.

The Mullingar missile took victory in the Supertwins event which was red-flagged following the crash involving Adam McLean, then triumphed in the Moto3/125cc and the main Open race of the day.


McGee took the chequered flag from fellow Irish riders Derek Sheils and Michael Sweeney in the feature race.

Meanwhile television celebrity [URL=""]Guy Martin came 2nd in the classic bike race[/URL] on his 1000cc BSA Rocket with a 90mph lap time, 21 seconds behind the winner Dean Stimpson on his 500cc Vintage Norton.

The 37-year-old last competed here in 2017.

Adam McLean crashed during the last lap of the Supertwins race, suffering arm, shoulder and pelvic injuries.

A tweet from McLean's team McAdoo Racing on Saturday night indicated that their rider was is "in really good spirits and making jokes in the hospital".

"So proud of the lad. 22 years old and pushing to win these races against way more experienced guys," the McAdoo Racing tweet continued.

Earlier in the day Burrows Engineering/RK Suzuki rider Sheils won the Open race by 0.4 seconds from long-time leader McGee, with Tobermore man McLean in third.

Sweeney, Shaun Anderson and Thomas Maxwell made up the top six leaderboard in the Open event, with Sweeney also fourth in the Supersports.

McGee scooped Supersport success with just 0.3 seconds to spare over McLean after a thrilling race-long battle.

McLean, 22, came agonisingly close to repeating his Supersport success at Cookstown but was edged out by the in-form McGee on the final lap of six.

Dubliner Sheils completed the podium positions by coming home in third.

McGee was also man-of-the-meeting at last year's Tandragee and again at Cookstown seven days ago where he clinched a treble of victories.

[U]Racing Results from the 59th Around A Pound Tandragee 100 on Saturday in Co. Armagh ;[/U]

[B]Rapid International Supersport[/B]

1 D McGee (Kawasaki); 2 A McLean (Kawasaki) +0.312s; 3 D Sheils (Yamaha) +10.524s; 4 M Sweeney (Yamaha) +25.752s; 5 M Browne (Kawasaki) +30.810s; 6 S Proctor (Yamaha) +46.790s. Fastest lap: McGee 3m 01.723s (105.862mph).

[B]Principal Insurance Junior Support[/B]

1 K Baker (Kawasaki 659); 2 E O’Siochru (Kawasaki 650) +22.061s; 3 V Brennan (Kawasaki 650) +25.638s; 4 A Haworth (Yamaha 600) +29.584s; 5 J Ella (Kawasaki 650) +43.479s; 6 N Smith (Kawasaki 650) +44.377s. Fastest lap: Baker 3m 22.295s (95.096mph).

[B]McCrum’s Motorcycles Aprilia Open Superbike[/B]

1 D Sheils (Suzuki); 2 D McGee (Kawasaki) +0.456s; 3 A McLean (Kawasaki) +7.816s; 4 M Sweeney (BMW) +27.384s; 5 S Anderson (BMW) +36.516s; 6 T Maxwell (Kawasaki) +38.080s; 7 J Chawke (Suzuki) +38.439s; 8 M Browne (Kawasaki) +38.643s. Fastest lap: McLean 2m 58.886s (107.541mph).

[B]Woods Supervalu Senior Support[/B]

1 A McAllister (Suzuki); 2 D Keys (Suzuki) +11.876s; 3 D Anderson (Yamaha) +13.233s; 4 T Henry (Yamaha) +13.662s; 5 K Baker (Kawasaki) +17.141s; 6 D Cleary (Yamaha) +32.079s. Fastest lap: McAllister 3m 16.174s (98.063mph).

[B]Around A Pound Tandragee 100 Superbike[/B]

1 D McGee (Kawasaki); 2 D Sheils (Suzuki) +0.195s; 3 M Sweeney (BMW) +0.819s; 4 T Maxwell (Kawasaki) +32.240s; 5 S Anderson (BMW) +42.636s; 6 M Browne (Kawasaki) +43.016s; 7 J Chawke (Suzuki) +43.032s; 8 P Williams (BMW) +56.056s. Fastest lap: McGee 2m 59.724s (107.039mph).[I]

[B]Tayto (NI) Ltd Supertwins[/B]

1 D McGee (Kawasaki); 2 M Sweeney (Kawasaki) +5.336s; 3 N Kernohan (Kawasaki) +24.120s; 4 S McKnight (34.391s); 5 D Cooper (Kawasaki) +34.578s; 6 S Anderson (Suzuki). Fastest lap: McGee 3m 05.876s (103.496mph).

[B]City Autos Moto3/125GP[/B]

1 D McGee (Honda M3); 2 G Dunlop (Honda M3) +51.170s; 3 K Fitzpatrick (Honda 125) +51.423s; 4 N Moore (Honda M3) +51.790s. New lap record: McGee 97.806mph.

[B]Groucho’s/Portadown Recycling Lightweight Supersport[/B]

1 P Williams (Kawasaki); 2 D Anderson (Kawasaki); 3 D Howard (Kawasaki); 4 S McKeown (Kawasaki).

[B]Philip Riddell Memorial Classic[/B]

1 D Stimpson (Norton); 2 G Martin (BSA) +21.089s;

3 R Ford (Norton 920) +9.839s; 4 J Pemberton (Norton 500); 5 K Clarke (Norton 500) +41.790s; 6 B Davidson (Honda 350) +44.044s. Fastest lap: Martin 3m 33.659s (90.038mph).

Highlights of the Tandragee 100 races will be aired on BBC One Northern Ireland at 22:35 BST on 13 May.[/I]

joe williams 7th May 2019 01:50 PM

Re: McGee takes 4 wins at 2019 Tandragee 100
Fair play to mcgee. Hope he goes well in the nw,and tt .

faz1 7th May 2019 08:02 PM

Re: McGee takes 4 wins at 2019 Tandragee 100
[quote=joe williams;3571083]Fair play to mcgee. Hope he goes well in the nw,and tt .[/quote]

He'll surely do well in the lighweight TT, love to see him win it.

HIGHSIDER 7th May 2019 08:37 PM

Re: McGee takes 4 wins at 2019 Tandragee 100
[quote=faz1;3571130]He'll surely do well in the lighweight TT, love to see him win it.[/quote]

Really think he can....

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