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» Voting: Bike Pic of the Month December 2017
Dec 18, 2017 - 6:20 PM - by Bruce
Starting the voting early so eirehead can get going with the 2018 calendars...
Get your's here -

Very few entries this month so just choose one picture this time...

Do not vote for your own picture

This month's winner will again receive a €50 voucher for Cotters - thanks lads... [Read More]
12 Replies | 99 Views
» Frame and Wheel Painting
Dec 18, 2017 - 2:25 PM - by Snurger
Howye lads,

I am just about to paint/spray the frame, subframe, swingarm and wheels on a VFR 400 NC30. I have done a good bit of research online and a lot of videos keep popping up recommending hammerite as a good paint to use. It seems to me like a bit of a cheap and nasty option that I would prefer to use on some of the other smaller alloy parts.

The advice I am looking for is what steps to take, what paints to use, should I just go for a professional powder coater (and if so, which one?).

I am really eager to get this project completed by march/april time so Im not ruling out going down the professional route.

I look forward to your responses,


Ron ... [Read More]
10 Replies | 241 Views
» Pit bike club?
Dec 17, 2017 - 10:33 PM - by Dank
Hey Guys,

tried to search for info on this but the search returned nothing or told me that the word "pit" was too common.

I used to have pit bikes and remembered there were a few tracks that a few lads got together every now and then to have a bit of a laugh. Does anyone know where these are now? Im looking at getting one again to get back on a bike but cant find anyone else in ireland that rides them, only supermoto on the karting tracks, I would be interested in track days if doing that swapping over the wheels!

I remember a site called dirty habits, this is where most of the pit bikers got in touch and organised rides etc. does anyone else recall this?

Basically looking to get back into it and a community to ride... [Read More]
5 Replies | 269 Views
» Fuel tank lining/sealing
Dec 17, 2017 - 8:09 PM - by Frisco
Is there a sealer that works well with the ethanol filled fuel we get now?

I've heard of the older sealers turning to mush over time and ruining things.
8 Replies | 306 Views
» Dna +
Dec 17, 2017 - 2:52 PM - by willow76
I've got some really weird stuff from Carole Nash - some DNA+ forensically protection for my bike
Is anybody using this, applied it to the bike?
19 Replies | 790 Views
» XT600E starter motor removal
Dec 16, 2017 - 4:49 PM - by T_Bone
Has anybody removed the starter motor from this bike with the frame still in the engine?
It doesn't look like there'e clearance to remove it with the header pipes and two solid oil lines still in place.
4 Replies | 312 Views
» This looks handy
Dec 16, 2017 - 4:15 PM - by faz1
if you have those types of blade fuses, it looks handy...
1 Reply | 313 Views
» Northside Spanner Man.
Dec 16, 2017 - 2:30 PM - by woodsman
Any recommendations on a reliable man to do some basic servicing on a v Strom. Just been up to see my mates new wheels and he is going to need some assistance keeping it right. He is not going to do anymore than the basic checks and cleaning.
Thanks in advance to all north and southsiders.
13 Replies | 535 Views
» akrapovic slip on
Dec 16, 2017 - 12:36 AM - by galway86
Finally got out on the r1 today and noticed the akro titanium slip on is fierce quiet over 60mph. Couldnt hear it at all over wind noise in the lid even over 10k rpm its quiet.
This is my fourth bike with same lid so its not like im wearing a bucket.
This is my first proper quality slip on .the fazer I butchered the shit out of the can, the gsxr had a blueflame evo can that sounded nice , the wr had a domiator can and sounded way too loud.
It doesn't have a baffle.ive read the exup valve quietens down the noise a bit in them but is it normal to be this quiet.?
12 Replies | 462 Views
» Water (Goretex) Textiles
Dec 15, 2017 - 11:54 PM - by R.M
Looking at getting a new set of textiles, but they must be waterproof & also suitable for warm weather (if we get some)

Got a 2 piece Richa textile bout 4 years ago, and the trousers is fine but the jocks is shite.1st sign of rain & the water is running down your arm.

Anyone recommend a 2 piece set that is of a reasonable quality, but not mad money either?

I'd prefer someone's actual experience, that some crappy web review.

11 Replies | 538 Views
» Schuberth C4 Helmet
Dec 15, 2017 - 11:24 PM - by efanton
Have been saving the pennies for a new helmet and am considering buying the Schuberth C4.

The C4 costs a lot of pennies, but my reasoning is that I will be doing 500+ miles a week (you can work that out for yourself in km's), I need a quiet helmet, I use my GPS quite a bit, and occasionally on long runs it nice to have a bit of music down low in the background (cant beat a bit of 'Dark side of the moon' on long monotonous roads or motorways)

Having a helmet that's already wired up with Mic and speakers, that will link to a phone or gps, and has built in radio if you get the plug in module seems to make a whole lot more sense that buying a Senna unit and installing that along with a separate MIC and speakers.

has anyone got one, are they really... [Read More]
13 Replies | 504 Views
» First woman
Dec 15, 2017 - 11:05 PM - by kido
Looking for a bit of help folks.,
Anyone know who was the 1st woman to lap the IOM @100mph??
8 Replies | 530 Views
» Ohlins spring swap
Dec 15, 2017 - 2:41 PM - by RubaDub
Anyone know where I could get an Ohlins rear shock spring swapped. It's a two minute job - looking for some where around Tallaght, Ballymount area

Have replacement spring
8 Replies | 376 Views
» Johnny Rea documentary on Monday 18th Dec
Dec 14, 2017 - 4:42 PM - by PADDYOT
On BBC 1 northern Ireland. Starts at 10:40. Repeated the next night too. Think it's called Three in a row
5 Replies | 426 Views
» Rain Bottoms ?
Dec 14, 2017 - 12:01 PM - by Duke RR
On a third set of bottoms this year, all have leaked at the crotch i dont stretch them with boots on, i put them on over leathers and boots on last. Made no difference. ( no interest in textiles, they just hold water then leak the fuk all over the floor ). So its leather and rain bottoms combo for me.

2 x [email protected] bottoms, which used to be good, but are shit. And also richa rain warrior bottoms, bottom velcro straps fell off and they leak as bad as the [email protected] ( rich warrior jack et is excellent , but bottoms are muck ).

Looking at Alpinestars hurricane bottoms or maybe Lindstrand bottoms or else... [Read More]
18 Replies | 685 Views
» Advice on used 450F MX
Dec 14, 2017 - 11:14 AM - by The talented Chasey Lain
Hi lads

Hoping to buy a used 2013-2015 450F soon and was looking for some advice/ experience from those who've had one from these years?
Im not interested in 250s. It will be for hare and hounds, grass tracking, general arsing around in fields and the odd practise session on an mx track (im too old and inexperienced to race proper full-on mx).
Open to all makes though maybe favouring jap for reliabilty and time between refreshes.

5 Replies | 379 Views
» Best tyre for c90 for Nifty Fifty Race
Dec 14, 2017 - 8:37 AM - by cb400sf
What make tyres do ye use on yer machines for the mondello nifty fifty? Do ye stick to the standard 2.50 tyre width or will bigger fit? And where do ye get the tyres from?
15 Replies | 545 Views
» Smoke coming from bike
Dec 13, 2017 - 9:51 PM - by goose81
Driving to work today at a set of lights this rancid smoke starts coming up from under my dash, I cant tell you the colour there wasnt enough to say for sure. There wasn't a crazy amount of smoke but enough and it was constant until I took off again smelled like burning rubber.

Took her handy the last 5 mins in and went into the underground, no smoke and then after resting for about 10 seconds more smoke and I went in and changed came back out 3 mins later and still smoking a bit

Got home tonight and took the airbox off, let her get to max temp and no smoke or smell. No oil leaks from valve cover no rubber getting melted, cant see the head gasket but Ive had a good look and cant see any signs of any leak

Gave her some revs to see if that could... [Read More]
30 Replies | 1,185 Views
» Anyone use this ?
Dec 13, 2017 - 7:48 PM - by faz1

any experience of this stuff? It's chaep
10 Replies | 636 Views
» vrt question
Dec 13, 2017 - 7:37 PM - by galway86
im wondering if a bike is inspected for vrt and the colour is different than on v5 but chassis number and engine number is correct will there be any trouble
6 Replies | 302 Views
» Any KTM 690 pro's out there??
Dec 13, 2017 - 7:36 PM - by BigDiggity
Lads I'm close to pulling the trigger on a 2015 KTM 690 Enduro R over in the UK with 4600 miles.

My only fear is the reliability.

I intend to do oil changes at half intervals and intend get all services done on time...

I know the fuel pumps fail commonly, looks handy to change and will take a spare with me on trips.

The big problem though is all this rocker arm failure talk.... they say if you change it every 15000km you'll be safe enough...

Any thoughts on the whole 690 reliability subject?
Other issues?

Intended use is trips to and along on the Trans Euro Trail.
11 Replies | 571 Views
» Chemical Spill Little Island
Dec 13, 2017 - 7:32 PM - by cloghan0
There is a chemical spill in Little Island causing traffic chaos. Diversions are in place. Be careful.
1 Reply | 208 Views
» Getting in touch with my feminine side
Dec 13, 2017 - 3:43 PM - by knightrider
Lads do any of you suffer from dried face skin? the area under my eyes are fecked, dried out to bits, red and cracked from the wind. My little sensitive eyes stream and dry out on the skin under my eyes so I look hung-over all the time.

After asking the misses she got me this Nivea for men face cream but only relieves it for a few minutes, my face just absorbs the shit. I started using Vaseline which works somewhat but have to ask, does any other hardy bikers out there suffer from this or willing to admit to it
25 Replies | 938 Views
» Cages
Dec 13, 2017 - 2:52 PM - by The Emperors Ouroboros Reacharounder
I have noticed that there are many undercover cagers here, after doing some careful investigation I have found that many here use a cage mostly for their daily activities and use a bike as ''weekend toy''. Wouldn't that make them a full time cager and a part time biker? If that is acceptable then why cage talk isn't? My bike is my only transport.
139 Replies | 4,682 Views
» Is there any point telling your insurance
Dec 13, 2017 - 2:46 PM - by The Emperors Ouroboros Reacharounder
Let's say my bike gets stolen and I report it to insurance, they will pay alright but I will be absolutely raped for the next 5 years and probably wouldn't even be able to get quotes from other insurers as you have to tell them that you had a claim in the past year or two. Would you actually be saving any money by claiming from your own insurance? I am thinking longer term here. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just pay yourself for the damages and keep your ncb and claim free record? I would assume the premium would increase by around 500% any experiences with this?
4 Replies | 503 Views
» Adding Mods to Insurance policy.
Dec 13, 2017 - 11:33 AM - by vinniecopenhagen
Hi,Just a quick question,does anyone bother adding your bikes Modifications (ie. Race Can,Crash Bobbins etc) to your insurance quote when filling it out, would it make a difference to your premium or would there be a problem in the event of a claim if you didn't mention modifications. 🤔🤔
16 Replies | 564 Views
» Bike cutting out and misfiring in the rain
Dec 13, 2017 - 10:08 AM - by Brum
Hi All,

I was on my way to work in the rain on my GS500 when it started sputtering and when I stopped at a set of lights it cut out. I started her again without a problem but the jerkiness in acceleration was still there, and every time the revs dropped to under 2k it cut off. When I was trying to start her up after cutting off it was misfiring with very loud pops out of the exhaust.

I've had the bike about a month now and this has never happened before. However, it's the first time that I have ridden her in heavy rain. Could it be that water is finding it's way into somewhere?
11 Replies | 425 Views
» Best handling bike of all time
Dec 12, 2017 - 11:46 PM - by scorpy
This has probably been done to death before, and it's hard to get a real view since some of the bikes were kinda hard to live with their day and uber rare nowadays. Bike mag did a top 30 a few years back and while the usual suspects populated the lower 2 thirds (OWOI, RC30, Gixxer etc), all of which had been ridden by the journos who voted, the top 3 were as far as I remember, the RS250 Aprilia, the Buell XB1100 Firebolt and the RS125 Aprilia.

Now that the world has moved on, what would you nominate from your experience as the best handling bike you ever rode? I'm fortunate enough to have ridden both the Apes and I would tend to agree, although I'd swap the order on the basis that it was possible to corner quicker on the 250 in the faster bends. In my humble opinion.
... [Read More]
42 Replies | 1,281 Views
» Trouble starting bike
Dec 12, 2017 - 5:17 PM - by sombaht
I've been having trouble starting the bike for the last week, nearly two weeks actually. Turn it on, hit the start and it barely turns over. I'm getting a green light, so I don't think the battery is at fault, and I can turn on lights indicators at this point and they are fine. Even when I open the choke up it still fails to start. I can bump start it all right and its fine. Just wondering where should I be looking for problems, battery, rectifier-regulator? Or if its not electrical, could it be that the engine is flooded?

Open to any suggestions here, or if Im going down the wrong road let me know please?

35 Replies | 1,046 Views
» Track Testing for Nifty Fifty
Dec 12, 2017 - 11:02 AM - by cb400sf
Lads, we are doing the nifty fifty in Feb and are looking to get a bit of testing in beforehand. Just to get used to the bike on track and be sure we haven't bought a lemon! I have spoke to watergrasshill and they allow bikes out on track in between kart sessions on all days except Saturday but they cant guarantee track time, depends on how busy it is. Anyone have any ideas where else we could do testing? Cork, limerick or further....have van will travel
6 Replies | 405 Views
» Sheils to ride for Penz13 BMW at TT'18
Dec 12, 2017 - 10:10 AM - by Admin
Sheils replaces the departed Dan Kneen in Rico Penzkofer’s squad for next year’s Isle of Man TT

Click the image to open in full size.

Multiple Irish roads champion Derek Sheils has signed to ride for the Penz13 BMW team at this year’s Isle of Man TT, replacing the departed Dan Kneen.

Sheils deputised as a stand-in rider for the ill Kneen at the Joey Dunlop Open event at Frohburg in Germany earlier this season and after his strong performance in the recent Macau Grand Prix,... [Read More]
4 Replies | 375 Views
» HJC FG-17 Date Stamp
Dec 12, 2017 - 8:57 AM - by cb400sf
Lads, can anyone tell me where I can find the date stamp on my HJC FG-17 helmet. I intend on using it for the Nifty Fifty in Feb so gotta make sure it is less than 5 years old, otherwise its Jan sales for a new lid for me! There are numbers on the chin strap but they don't really look like a manufacture date. Thanks.
6 Replies | 415 Views
» meeting a possible buyer garage or home?
Dec 11, 2017 - 9:48 PM - by acdc
what are yere thoughts on it, ive my own mind made up and its home every time
cuppa tae and take your time, and never discuss coin over the phone just say , thers always wiggle room but best come and talk face to face, I find it weeds out a lot of timewasters(works both ways) and you get genuine lads.
27 Replies | 1,245 Views


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