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Old 25th November 2017, 02:22 AM
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Default Classic Superbike Rules and Regs

Hi All, For anyone who's interested, the Classic superbike class has been accepted as an official MCI championship at the recent MCI AGM, It is at present a southern only class but will still have to go the MCUI AGM in December, It has been backed by the Short circuit committee and the MCI so to give people time to get bikes ready it was suggested I put up the regulations. Any questions I will be happy to try and answer or find someone who can, Thanks y'all .

4 cylinder 4-stroke machines 600cc - 1010cc built before 1st january 1994 or until equivalent
production ceased .
2 cylinder 4-stroke machines 600cc - 1200cc built before 1st january 1994 or until equivalent
production ceased.
2-stroke unlimited cc built before 1st january 1994 or until equivalent production ceased.
Plus the following models that were basically unchanged from that period until they ceased
Ducati 888
Honda RC30
Honda RS 250 until end 1993
Honda cbr900 until end of 1995
Kawazaki ZXR750 up to end 1995
Suzuki GSXR up to end 1995
Yamaha OWO1
Yamaha YZF750R and SP until end of production
Yamaha TZ up tp end 1993
GP machines ( eg. YZR500, RG500,TZ750) up to end 1993
“Specials” from in period accepted on a case by case specific basis, to be approved by
appointed committee .
Year eligibility for machines to be assessed annually , by appointed committee .
All motorcycles must comply in every respect with all requirements for Road Racing as specified
in the M.C.U.I regulations.
Engine modification including increase in capacity is free within the general regulations but
excludes the use of later engines and crank cases than the dates for the allowable machines.
Minimum weights are free
Front and side number colours are: - White Backgrounds with Black Numbers As per M.C.U.I
Carburation instruments are free within the constraints of equipment freely available within the
up to 1994 period.
All machines must function on fuel in conformity with current M.C.U.I Regulations i.e. Only
Unleaded and Super Unleaded fuel is permitted. The use of fuel additives is strictly prohibited.
For all machines, the engine and frame must be from period and regulation eligible machines.
Front fork as available to end of 1999. A steering damper may be added but may not act as a
steering lock device.
9. REAR FORK (Swing Arm)
The rear fork unit may be modified within the limits of period availability for the model.
Rear suspension units, including all linkages and mounting points, are free.
Wheels are free, provided they remain within the minimum size range for the machine capacity
as listed in the current M.C.U.I Regulations
Brakes as available up to 1st january 2001, but no carbon or ceramic units are permitted.
Tyres may be treaded or slick . The use of tyre warmers is allowed.
The wiring harness is free.
In principal the ignition control system is free, but may not contain any traction control or launch
control functions not associated with the machine periods as listed above. Power Commanders
and the like are permitted for altering fuelling etc.
Page 57 © MCUI – Updated December 2016
There are numerous non-period modifications made to certain types of racing machinery, some
of which are safety related and others which are performance related. In principal any safety
related modification will be permitted, whereas performance related modifications not listed
above will not be permitted. This does not include tuning of barrels, porting, polishing or
changing any component in line with what was considered acceptable ‘in period’.
Data acquisition sensors other than for road speed are not permitted. Any disputes in this area
will be adjudicated upon by the M.C.U.I Technical Stewards.
All motorcycles must have a functioning red light mounted at the rear of the seat to be used
during wet practice/races or in low visibility conditions as declared by the Clerk of the Course.
1. the lighting direction must be parallel to the centre line of the motorcycle (running direction)
and it must be clearly visible from the rear, at least 15 degrees to both the left and right sides of
the centre line of the motorcycle.
2. it must be safely mounted on the very end of seat/rear bodywork and approximately on the
centre line of the motorcycle. 3. the power output/luminosity must be equivalent to
approximately 10-15W (incandescent) or 3-5W (led).
4. the light must be able to be switched on and off.
All motorcycles must be equipped with a brake lever protection, intended to prevent the
handlebar brake lever from being accidently activated in the case of collision with another
All lateral covers/engine cases containing oil on, 4 stroke machines, and which could come in
contact with the ground during a crash, must be protected by a second cover made from
composite materials, aluminum or steel plates and/or bars are also permitted.
All these devices must be designed to be resistant against sudden shocks and must be fixed
properly and securely.
Where secondary covers are not commercially available, Engine case guards in the form of
strengthened engine side covers may be installed. The countershaft cover may be removed.
The addition of a crankcase protector at the countershaft is allowed.
Headlamp, rear lamp and turn signal indicators. Rear view mirrors.
License plate bracket.
Tool box.
Helmet hooks and luggage carrier hooks.
Passenger foot rests.
Passenger grab rails.
Safety bars, centre and side stands (fixed frame brackets may remain
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Old 25th November 2017, 03:28 PM
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Default Re: Classic Superbike Rules and Regs

Pity to see 400s ruled out but suppose they have theyre own class and not what you'd call a Superbike
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Old 25th November 2017, 04:34 PM
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Default Re: Classic Superbike Rules and Regs

Yes, you’re right on all that. We ran with the 400’s last year on some races and our lines in the corners couldn’t have been more different, leading to a couple of incidents. This year we also did a few races with them with a split grid, them 20 seconds in front, a few back markers were lapped but it worked well and everyone seemed happy. It’s always a balancing act getting as much evenness between bikes while also letting as many in as possible and the 400 class would probably want to retain as many bikes as they can. Now a 600 in a 400 chassis special has made fools of some of us this year, but that is another story.
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Old 2nd February 2018, 02:03 PM
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Default Re: Classic Superbike Rules and Regs

Just a quick question is a f3 cbr600 eligible for this class
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Old 3rd February 2018, 09:22 AM
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Default Re: Classic Superbike Rules and Regs

A bit of work to do but....
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Old 3rd February 2018, 06:43 PM
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Default Re: Classic Superbike Rules and Regs

Originally Posted by bushman
If only a fella had a few bob....
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Old 4th February 2018, 09:20 PM
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Default Re: Classic Superbike Rules and Regs

Originally Posted by Tommybyrne
Just a quick question is a f3 cbr600 eligible for this class
I doubt it as it came out in 1995 a quick search gives this
I will try to find out for you
The CBR600F3 was the third generation of the CBR600F series. It replaced the F2, and was produced from 1995 to 1998. It had a modified engine, ram-air intake and cartridge forks. The 1997 and 1998 models also came with a deeper oil pan, sleeker tail fairings, seat and tail light, and a revised engine head netting about a 5 hp gain over 95/96 models. The CDI and ram-air system were also revised to allowed for smoother throttle curve over the 95/96 models, which could sometimes be jerky. The last made 1998 models came with another revised engine head which resulted in a slight power gain. In 1999, it was replaced by the CBR600 F4.

In 1996 and 1998 the CBR600F3 was also sold in "Smokin' Joe's Replica" versions in the USA, Canada and Australia (1998 only).

Cycle World tested the F3's acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour (0 to 97 km/h) at 3 seconds and 0 to 1⁄4 mile (0.00 to 0.40 km) at 10.9 seconds at 125.28 mph (201.62 km/h).[5] Motorcycle Consumer News recorded a 0 to 60 mph time of 3.7 seconds and a ​1⁄4 mile time of 11.03 seconds at 124.06 mph (199.66 km/h)[6]
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Old 5th February 2018, 03:00 AM
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Default Re: Classic Superbike Rules and Regs

Thanks, as the frame is unchanged from the 92 model and the engine changes fall within modifications allowed in the rules as do brakes etc. it does fall within the rules.
We've had F3 racing with us from the start and they've fitted in well. Nice to tune and reliable as, so don't break the bank.
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Old 20th February 2018, 09:52 PM
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Default Re: Classic Superbike Rules and Regs

I've just put a cbr 600 f3 up in
The buy&sell section if any body interested
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