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Default Re: Nicky Hayden in cycling crash

Originally Posted by Kavo
Nicky Hayden is in serious condition after been hit by a cager while out cycling with friends in Italy

GWS Nicky
Ouch, hope Nicky had some form of head protection before hitting that windscreen !

Seen a cyclist in bits near the coombe yesterday where a van ran straight across him.

They should probably be made to wear bike helmets and high viz at least in dense urban areas, as whatever about normal commuters using cycle-lanes - those mid-life crisis eejits whizzing about with olympic style sunglasses obviously can't see where they are going, and just want to look 'cool' ;

Solution - ban the sunglasses !

I believe some are also being distracted by fast tempo 'workout' music in ear pods which can lead to a serious lapse in concentration and fatalistic errors of judgement, particularly with fatigue ;

Solution - ban the earphones !

Some are quite evidently inhibited by squeezing all that blubber into tight fitting spandex and just like the fashion conscious 19th century women's corset fad, this has proven to be a major contributor to light headedness and ultimate fainting and collapsing following prolonged periods with restricted blood flow ;

Solution - ban the Spandex !

Unfortunately, cyclists are unlikely to take it upon themselves to drop the latest haute couture and trending fashions in the interest of road safety, so regulation needs to be introduced by the RSA as a matter of urgency to help the cyclists help themselves.

This needs to stack up financially for mandarins in power or it's a non-runner from the outset, so may be promoted and incentivised by 'on-the-spot' fines issued by the Gardai for non-compliance / dangerous use of / distracting accessories and could be backed up by data and accident statistics to drive the point home through a series of tv adverts, not withstanding the considerable cost and inconvenience to other motorists, who at least pay a road tax towards their emergency services, road blocks and downtime with ambulances and fire brigades having to powerhose the scene up afterwards.

We need to act now and get a petition going, procrastination is the grave in which pestilent morality and dead cyclists are buried, Nicky Hayden could be the catalyst for change and if this helps to save just one life - then it'll be worth it.
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