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Default illegals Donegal 21 years reunion of rally heads

Lads, just found out that the illegals this year will be the 21st rally. It was one of my first rallys heading from Wexford to Fintown, Donegal on a CBR250 with a bunch of pucks from Kilkenny on NSR125's, CG125's and an assortment of bikes. 230 miles up throw up the tent drink it out with the boys and drive home the next day. Nuts when you think about it

Anyway getting nostalgic in my old age but a gang of us are on for heading up again this year, any old heads that were caught in the bikers bible in a compromising position interested in heading up. Ahh, the days before cameras on your Fuc*ING phone the shit you could get away with.

Remember Woodie and the boys coming to our rally the Scruffynecks in the rain from Donegal on RXS100's.
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