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Default 03 xjr1300 sp

Bike Make : Yamaha

Bike Model :XJR1300SP

Year :2003

Price : 3450

Mileage :will go check , around 20000

Colour :yellow/black with the speedblocks .the good colours

Extras :small screen , heated grips, stainless oil cooler cover , aftermarket downpipes ,alarm .bike is pretty standard , rear mudgaurd not hacked , original indicators, original bars ,original exhaust cans etc ,not tuned up .i have fj1100 inlet rubbers that increase hp but never put them on . it still has the main stand fitted

Overall Bike Condition :good condition but not mint

Tyre/Chain/Sprocket Condition :about 900 miles on new tyres

Service History/Receipts/Recent Service work :serviced oil and filter twice a year since 2011, air filters been replaced 3 times , plugs are in it a while but have less than 10000 on them (irridiums so good for plenty more). valve clearance done at 16000 (polished rocker cover too) , on original brake pads with plenty left on them ,brake fluids flushed in march . battery is new .

Non Restricted/Shop Restricted/Factory Restricted :nope

Bike Location :meath

Irish/English Registered :was english reg , i imported it in 2011, have old reg still

Any Other Relevant Info :i bought this in 2011 in comber co down .i have a pic of the old ad somewhere , it has 2500 miles on it and was 1 owner . theres might be threads about it somewhere on here too. a few weeks later i had a perforated ulcer try kill me and it fucked my health bad . i lost a lot of weight and strength and added to back probs it made the xjr hard to ride , most my ridings two up. so it has mainly been used for spins like revup4dsi and other charity runs and i use the chop or bsa for local /smaller runs . there was a couple of years i was too fecked to ride it at all .
its been looked after but its got a few marks here and there . its 15 years old too .
ive loved it , the torque is sweet,its almost an automatic..put it in top and dont change gear till yer stopping :-),it pulls like feck from 20mph in top.i love these engines after having the fj1100s .last of the twin shock air/oil cooled , carbed beasts . brakes are savage good and ive stood it up on the front wheel two up .the tyres and brakes saved me ass a few times .
have tons of pics of it throughout the years but it always looks the same .

bad bits ...
the rear springs need painting yellow, this is very common and theres the right paint on ebay, i just never got round to it .
i planned on painting or coating the wheels at next tyre change as they were poor finish on all xjrs .
its an honest bike .
Edit.forgot it has progressive springs as well as tge ohlins rears

Contact details:086 8909089 , [email protected] for more pics

will get pics up asap.

and yes i know the grass needs cutting lol.

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