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Default Re: Need advice on becoming a bike mechanic

Originally Posted by IridiumTom
i think your reading what he's saying wrong or at least i hope you are

think he's saying all proffesions are seeing unpaid hours
+1 fkn 55 hours constant atm on a wage cut.. was making more on 45 last yr (hidin from spite comments "at least u have a job") recession is sad but its a case of fkn those who do have jobs over and givin em the ol "1000's would take it in the morning" bollox . old fella worked on cages and Bikes all his life didnt see much of em as a small fella tbh.. tbh i couldnt imagine him doing anything else.. the guy could have 3 tubs of grease on his hands.. but he'd cry over a bit of biro

mechanics of any nature seem to get fkd over the worst imo..
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