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Default Re: Need advice on becoming a bike mechanic

People who say "if you enjoy what you do, you'll never work a day in your life"

these people are full of shit.

I've had plenty of jobs that I started out loving, but the stress and assholes that you meet and deal with on a daily basis will warp your view of it, even moreso now that money is tight everywhere.
Leave the bikes as a source of pleasure, you'll be glad you did,
And sure you'll still be fairly handy at working on engines and stuff after finishing the cage stuff, working on your own bike will teach you a huge amount, the amount I've learned about my own machine from doing regular maintainance often, surprises me.
Its very easy to learn stuff and read up about stuff when you WANT to do it, thats probably why most of us spend so much time on here, But if you HAVE to it, you'd find it very tough going.
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