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Default Re: The future of motorcycles?

Originally Posted by Vjmc.Cork
No maintenance?So computers never break down?Batteries never crap out?
I've been hearing all this bollox about technology improving for 20+ years.
Still waiting.

The problem with E/Vs is the engineers developing it are computer geeks and they're more interested in fitting bullshit gimmicks like ipod connectivity than addressing the real issues.
If everyone moves to electric vehicles energy costs will skyrocket and you wont be able to afford to turn on the lights in your house,how will you feel then?
So you could walk around with a computer with 8 cores and Gigabytes of RAM in your back pocket 20+ years ago

You have a point about electrical components shitting themselves and batteries having a finite lifespan. But hey, I've had petrol engines with valves smashed through pistons, broken piston rings, dodgey regulator/rectifiers, rotten exhausts and all sorts. All these things could be eliminated on an electric bike. Inevitably components will break down and fail whatever the type of motor. But less moving parts should definitely reduce the number of failures due to wear and tear.

I think the internal combustion engine will be around for another while yet. I like the idea of hybrid vehicles. You get a bit more flexibility if you have to do a few long journeys without worrying about having to charge. I wonder if similar technology could be used on a bike without making it an overweight pig.

The article about honda ceasing motorcycle sales is definitely bullshit. They have an electric scooter in the pipeline. Planned release date is next year:
I guess larger higher performance motorcycles will follow. According to the article linked above there are rumors that the next Goldwing will be a petrol/electric hybrid. Sounds like a good candidate since its already a bit of a porker!
Companies like Honda will evolve and do whatever makes the organisation money.
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