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Default Re: The future of motorcycles?

Originally Posted by Fred Flinstone
Instant torque, almost no maintenance required.
How are those disadvantages?

I'll admit, I've never been on an electric bike.

Main problems at the moment are batteries and charging times. Those technologies will have drastically improved in 20 years time.

Any advance in technology is met with resistance.
People don't like change.
No maintenance?So computers never break down?Batteries never crap out?
I've been hearing all this bollox about technology improving for 20+ years.
Still waiting.
The problem with E/Vs is the engineers developing it are computer geeks and they're more interested in fitting bullshit gimmicks like ipod connectivity than addressing the real issues.
If everyone moves to electric vehicles energy costs will skyrocket and you wont be able to afford to turn on the lights in your house,how will you feel then?
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